Last month Dogswell® launched their new certified Low Glycemic Index dog food, Nutrisca™.  Certified by the Glycemic Research Institue®, this new diet is one of the only grain-free dry dog food diets that does not incorporate potatoes or tapioca, both of which are high on the Glycemic Index), and instead uses peas and chickpeas which are lower on the scale, but high in protein and fiber.  Each recipe offers balanced carbohydrates for sustainable energy, omega fatty acids for healthy skin and glossy coat, antioxidants and super-fruits to support immune and urinary tract health and amino acid bound chelated minerals that are highly digestible to ensure optimum nutrient absorption.

Now, if you’re an avid All Dog Blog follower, you know that Bubbs isn’t the easiest one to please when it comes to food (and even some treats), and I really wasn’t sure what he’d think about this Nutrisca™ stuff.  When Dogswell® sent us a sample bag to try and review I really honestly thought he wouldn’t eat it.  He’s the…*sniff sniff* *give mom crazed look of “This dry stuff is boring, put some of that yummy Proportions™ Pumpkin Stew ALL over it and I’m down, Mom!” kinda dog.  However, he surprised me BIG TIME when I poured about 1/4 cup of Nutrisca™ into a bowl, he gave it a sniff and was off!  He ate all of it!  Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

After I snipped off a corner of the bag and poured some in, I gave it a sniff myself and this stuff is pretty enticing.  It smells like it has A LOT of flavor for kibble and it really must be pretty flavorful for Bubbs to down his whole bowl in one sitting.  It looks pretty nutritious too, not as dry as some kibbles we’ve tried.  You can really tell there is oils infused into this food, good oils such as Vitamin E & Salmon Oil.

Upon reading the ingredient list we noticed the first ingredient is Chicken & there is also fruits and veggies listed too!  There is not ONE grain listed either.  I went back and took a look at his old food (before we switched over to Proportions™ meals) and you would not believe the amount of grain!  Brewers rice, corn, corn meal, soy flour, whole grain corn, corn gluten meal, corn bran…yea, pretty bad.  We’re still phasing out some of his old food, but as soon as we’re finished with it we think we may switch the kibble portion of his diet over to this new Dogswell® Nutrisca™.  Now that Proportions® gives you the option to order the Chicken Stew in Pumpkin Soup & Harvest Mix by itself, and allows you to use our own kibble, I think we’re definitely going to switch him over to this new food.

I love that there is no grain & potato starch in this food, and I love that he likes it!

According to the founder & Chairman of Dogswell®, Marco Giannini:

“We wanted to wow consumers by creating a food that addressed their need for grain-free and low-glycemic while still delivering premium ingredients, optimal protein, and taste that dogs will gobble up.  We’re confident that Nutrisca will be in a class of it’s own.”

We’re pretty sure Dogswell® got this one right on the first try.  They’ve met all the requirements that pet owners want, and the nutritional & taste-value that dogs need & want!  Nutrisca™ is offered in both Chicken & Chickpea Recipe & Lamb & Chickpea Recipe and is approved for ALL life stages!  Puppies can eat it too!  You can purchase either of these recipes in 4lb, 15lb, 28lb, and 1lb trial size bags.

Dogswell® Nutrisca™ dog food REVIEW:

  • NUTRITION =   (5 stars)
  • TASTE =   (4.5 stars)
  • LOOK =   (4 stars)
  • ACCEPTANCE/EXCITEMENT =   (4.5 stars)
  • PACKAGING =   (3.5 stars)

For an OVERALL rating =

/ (4 out of 5 stars)

We found Nutrisca™ over on the Petco website, but I couldn’t find it over at  It’s possible they might not have it available yet, but if you find it at your store let me know!  I might head out later this afternoon to see who’s carrying it.  You can also order it directly through the Dogswell® website HERE.  We’re super excited about this Nutrisca, and the way dog food companies are beginning to shape up one bowl at a time.  We’ll be keeping you updated on Bubbs progress with his new diet and how’s liking his slow switch to eating better, healthier, and soon-to-be grain-free & low-glycemic!

Thanks Dogswell®!

Disclosure:  My opinions are my honest and thoughtful reviews and were not influenced by any source.  I was not monetarily compensated for this post.  We received two trial size bags of Dogswell® Nutrisca™ to facilitate this review.