Photo by Daqiella manera

AT&T and Verizon are considering all dog lovers everywhere.  The two companies have ideas of incorporating a wireless collar to their networks that could potentially save the lives of canines that find themselves lost and end up in shelters.  The president of AT&T, Glenn Lurie, has a vision of the device being able to track your pet if it were to find a way out of the house.  We all know it happens all too often.

Many shelters are full of canines that fall under the spell of their nature to roam, but then find themselves behind bars and begging for a new home.  Some are lucky enough to have responsible owners who implant microchips and keep updated info, but others are not.  If this new tech collar is able to go mainstream with an affordable service for every dog owner, I see great potential in such a product. 

I would definately add ‘Unlimited Pet Messaging’ to my monthly wireless bill!

You can read the full article HERE.