pPETS-14348348r200Go HERE to Petsmart’s Facebook page to take advantage of 2 great coupons on Nutrident dental chews!

Save $1 OFF any Nutrident Complete pk between 3-19oz, and $3 OFF any pack between 1.1-2lbs by entering your email address and name to initiate the print, and must be redeemed in stores.

Thanks, Petsmart!

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81a2EOTC8mL._SL1500_If you’ve added a new family member, head over to Amazon and take advantage of THIS DEAL on a 100pk of Neat ‘n Dry Puppy Pads.

They’re currently 44% off regular price, and there is also offering a $4 coupon to clip (right above ‘Frequently Bought Together) that applies at check out, making each pad only .18/ea!

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime Membership you’ll need to pay for shipping, which will add to your cost per pad, but any coupon over $2 savings is a great deal to us!

We love Amazon!


Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 10.58.56 PMThis month through June 9th Sams Club has a $4 off instant savings on their 40ct pack of Pedigree Dentastix.

Bubbs is a pretty big fan of these, and will most likely be picking up a bag of these this week!

No coupon necessary, and limit 2 per membership.

Thanks, Sams Club & Pedigree!



Guest Post from Sherry of TripsWithPets.com

Memorial Day symbolizes the start of summer for you and your pet. Before you start planning trips to the beach and summer getaways, keep in mind that it’s important to plan ahead for pet travel and always keep the best interests of your furry, four-legged friend in mind.  Traveling with your pet can be a wonderful and bonding experience or a not so pleasant one.  It’s all a matter of proper planning and preparation.

Here are the top tips to ensure your Memorial Day getaway with your pet is a safe one.

  • No Heads Out the Window:  Although many pets find that sticking their head out the window is the best part of the road trip, it’s not safe.  Your pet can easily be injured by flying debris.  This should go without saying, but NEVER travel with a pet in the back of a pickup truck. Some states have laws restricting such transport and it is always dangerous.
  • Frequent Pit Stops:  Always provide frequent bathroom and exercise breaks. Most travel service areas have designated areas for walking your pet. Be sure to stay in this area particularly when you pet needs a potty break, and of course, bring along a bag to pick up after your pet.  When outside your vehicle, make sure that your pet is always on a leash and wearing a collar with a permanent and temporary travel identification tag.
  • Proper Hydration:  During your pit stops be sure to provide your pet with some fresh water to wet their whistle.  Occasionally traveling can upset your pet’s stomach. Take along ice cubes, which are easier on your pet than large amounts of water.
  • Watch the Food Intake:  It is recommended that you keep feeding to a minimum during travel.  Be sure to feed them their regular pet food and resist the temptation to give them some of your fast food burger or fries (that never has a good ending!).
  • Don’t Leave Them Alone:  Never leave your pet unattended in a parked vehicle. On warm days, the temperature in your vehicle can rise to 120 degrees in minutes, even with the windows slightly open. In addition, an animal left alone in a vehicle is an open invitation to pet thieves.
  • Practice Restraint:  Be sure that your pet is safely restrained in your vehicle.  Utilizing apet safety harnesstravel kennelvehicle pet barrier, or pet car seat are the best ways to keep your pet safe.  They not only protect your pet from injury, but they help by keeping them from distracting you as you drive.  A safety harness functions like a seatbelt.  While most pets will not have a problem adjusting to it, you may want to let them wear the harness by itself a few times before using it in the vehicle. If your pet prefers a travel kennel, be sure it is well ventilated and stabilized.  Many pet owners prefer vehicle barriers, particularly for larger pets.  Vehicle barriers are best suited for SUVs.  Smaller pets are best suited for pet car seats.  The car seat is secured in the back seat using a seat belt and your pet is secured in the car seat with a safety harness.  In addition to it’s safety features, a pet car seat will prop up your smaller pet, allowing them to better look out the window.  No matter what method you choose, back seat travel is always safer for your pet.
  • Safe and Comfortable:  Whatever method you choose to properly restrain your pet in your vehicle, be sure to make their comfort a priority.  Just as it’s important for your “seat” to be comfortable for your long road trip, your pet’s seat should be comfortable too. Typically their favorite blanket or travel bed will do the trick. There are also some safe and very cozy pet car seats available that your pet may find quite comfy.

Careful preparation is the key to ensuring that you and your pet have a happy and safe trip.

About TripsWithPets.com

TripsWithPets.com is the #1 online resource for pet travel. It was named BEST pet travel site by Consumer Reports! TripsWithPets.com offers resources to ensure pets are welcome, happy, and safe when traveling.  The website features a directory of pet friendly hotels & accommodations across the U.S. and Canada, airline & car rental pet policies, dog friendly beaches, search by route, pet travel tips, pet travel supplies, along with other pet travel resources.

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51oe1RdNn+L._SY355_Head over to Amazon and check out the great deal they have going on Greenies Products!

You can snag a 27ct box of Regular (size) Greenies for only $19.99 (these usually run about $32 or more in stores) HERE!  They ship FREE if you have a Prime Membership, but if you don’t it’s still a pretty good deal even if you do need to pay for shipping.

If you find yourself having to get these often at the stores because you run out, it might be a good idea to sign-up for the Subscribe & Save to have it delivered every month for this price, plus you save a $1 more and can get them for $18.99!  I’m all about saving myself a trip to the store these days. :)

Great deal!


Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 11.25.59 PMI wish I would have found these a little sooner for you guys since they’re about to expire, but thought I’d post them anyway.

Go HERE for a bunch of coupons off HALO products!  There’s several we’ve never seen before!

  • $2 off any bag
  • $3 off grain-free, small breed or vegan
  • $5 off any 28lb bag
  • $3 off Dream Coat
  • .50 off any can
  • $3 off a case (12 cans)

These unfortunately expire May 15th, so HURRY!  And make sure you click on each link, and then click on the image to initiate the print!

Thanks, Halo!


Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 3.08.57 PMHurry and get yourself this amazing FREEBIE for your pup before they’re gone!  Go HERE to request 2 FREE Cupcakes from Pink Dog Bakery!

They might just become our go-to pet bakery, because everything in their shop looks absolutely deslish!  Oh, and be sure to not leave these laying around for the hubs to dive into by accident.  That’s happened before in our house! ;)

Thanks, Pink Dog Bakery!


Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 2.31.25 PMGo HERE to print a $3 off coupon for your next purchase of Purina ONE Healthy Weight dog food!

Thanks, Purina!


31LKPdyFHCLIf you’ve got a fairly active dog or puppy at home, you need one of these!

The Hyper K9 Kannon ball launcher is perfect for the days you don’t have time to take your pup for a walk, or just don’t feel like it (lets be honest, we all have those days).  Pour yourself a refreshing drink and head out to the patio chair and launch a few tennis balls at your leisure (even better yet make the kids do it)!  These make a great gift too!

Tested to launch tennis balls up to 75ft, you’ll give your active dog the exercise and play he dreams about in his sleep.

You can have one of these delivered to your door for a measly $28.99 (plus shipping) on Amazon.

Thanks, Hyper Dog!

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36310_10000432Dyson is running a weekend promo in sans of Mother’s Day this Sunday.  Save 20% off all Dyson vacuums, fans, and heaters, plus all tools!  No code necessary.

Also, you can snag a FREE Groom Kit with your purchase of any of their best-selling uprights (DC41 Animal Complete, DC41 Animal, DC40 and DC33 Multi-Floor) when you use promo code LINKSHAREGROOMKIT at checkout!

Now, I know a vacuum can seem like a pretty lame give for Mother’s Day, however these are the mother of all vacuums in our opinion.  We have the DC41 Animal upright and we loooooooove it.  Just sayin’.  Great for pet owners.  Pet moms.  Moms with kids.  All moms.  Hint Hint. ;)

Thanks, Dyson!

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