Have you guys heard of Pawsley yet?

We heard about them before the launch, and requested an invite code when they were still in BETA.  We finally just registered and I must say we’re pretty impressed!  There is so much potential here, and were so glad we’ve decided to join up before it gets BIIIIG time!  If you haven’t heard about or visited/joined Pawsley.com yet, basically it’s a great combination of dog-only deals and savings like Groupon, and Facebook to keep track of all your dog-loving friends, or your dog’s friends!  It’s great!  They post daily deals just like Groupon for dog products so you can snag an awesome deal like this one….

Although that above deal is no longer available, they have great deals like that sent to you daily, straight to your email inbox!  We’re definitely bummed we missed out on that deal!  The had some REALLY yummy treats in there from Must Love Paws Bakery!  Another great thing this website does…they donate 4% of each sale to dog-related charities!  It’s the perfect combination…you join, you connect to other dog lovers, you get some GREAT savings on dog-related products, and they donate to dog charities around the country at no cost to you!  It’s fantastic!

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you may have heard that we had our account closed unknowingly on Facebook.  Around the time our account got deleted, I’m pretty sure Facebook went on a “Delete as many pet pages as we can this week” rampage.  We noticed some of our other followers get deleted as well.  We were totally bummed, we lost over 500 great fans who “Liked” our page in the process, which in turn probably lost readers because they’re no longer receiving our posts.  Although we have to start over, I created a new “All Dog Blog” page on Facebook, and we’re slowly gaining back our fans, but we ALSO created a page on Pawsley to guarantee that we NEVER get deleted again!  And we’d love for you to join and become friends with us!

Come join Pawsley, the new DOG-FRIENDLY community, be our friend & save some $$$ too, HERE!

Thanks, Pawsley!

In light of our Facebook Page account getting deleted (yea, we’re pretty upset but we have opened a new one attached to my personal account), we thought we’d share another site you might be interested in if your pet account got deleted too.  PetsDating.com!

Social Media has gone to the dogs (and cats)! PetsDating.com, recently launched to provide a place where pets can connect with other pets online, to schedule a walk to the park or a play date offline! It is a supportive online community where both pet owners and their pets can meet with others just like them. In addition to meeting other local pets, members of the PetsDating.com community have access to important and relevant pet related information, as well as a variety of beneficial resources.  Owners and founders Irving Landesbaum and Robert Faynblut, from the NY area, created the site with their pets in mind. PetsDating.com recognizes that people build strong emotional bonds with their pets, often treating them as members of the family. It is important to allow these furry loved ones to also create lasting relationships and friendships with other local animals. Therefore, PetsDating.com has created a strong and encouraging community where members and their pets can come together and find security in others who share similar values and interests.

For adoption groups, pet shelters and organizations with dogs and cats for adoption, PetsDating.com can be a great resource for posting adoptable pets for free online. Looking to adopt or find a second playmate for your
pet at home? Browse the adoptable pets online and find the perfect match for your family!

After visiting www.PetsDating.com and becoming a free member, users can find additional comfort in joining or creating a group that supports animal rights and strongly encourages humane treatment of pets and people

About PetsDating.com: PetsDating.com is a unique online community for pet owners who want their pet to enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling life in the company of another pet. Users can connect with other pets in their area, see what other pet lovers are talking about, and access valuable pet related resources. To create a profile or learn more, please visit www.PetsDating.com.

Sounds like a pretty good option and the site is very clean and easy to use!

Thanks, Dana for giving us the heads up on this one!