Dog Leads and Collars

Not sure if you guys have noticed that little award down on the sidebar yet (under Stats & Awards), but we’re so glad to announce we’ve won our very first blog Award! has awarded us the 2010 Unique Pet Website Award for Collar & Stylish Dog Collars Specialists!  We’re so honored to have received this award, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Based on the following criteria we were awarded this prestigious award because we are/have:

  • a unique website with care and attention to detail.
  • a useful and informative website.
  • great literature and/or informational quality.
  • a feel of helping the preservation and general well-being of all animals.
  • showing a true love for dogs or pet types in general!

All of these things that we’ve been awarded for is exactly what we strive for everyday, and we’re so happy to be recognized for our efforts to do exactly what we love to do.  We’d like to thank PetsDirect for acknowledging our hard work and allowing us to be a part of their award-winning community!

Here’s to continuing what we love to do here at All Dog Blog, and hopefully just as successful as we were in 2010, into 2011!


Thanks, PetsDirect & our Judge, John!