A little while back we had the chance to speak with someone on behalf of Cloud Star, and boy are we glad she found us!  We were the lucky recipients of  2 yummy boxes of Cloud Star Low Fat Trail Hound Dog Snacks in Yogurt, Apple & Banana, and Peanut Butter to try out on Bubbity and write up a review of these yummy, tasty, easy on the figure, perfectly designed, and flavorful cookies!

Cloud Star’s Low-Fat Trail Hound Dog Snacks are low-in fat, corn-free, contain no soy, sugar, salt, or egg, are made with L-carnitine, Omega-3, Beta-Carotene, and Kelp, and come in 3 delicious flavors (Peanut Butter, Yogurt, Apple & Banana, and Chicken & Sweet Potato) that your dogs are sure to love, baked right here in the good ‘ole USA, and are packaged up in 100% recyclable packaging!  They even have a Wheat-Free flavor that is perfect for wheat sensitive dogs.  Cloud Star is a Top Notch company that seems to be doing it right on every level.  They’ve given dog owners what we want in our dog products, at an affordable price, and something our dogs LOOOOVE.  What more could you really ask for?  Nada.

What we found to be our favorite reason to pick up these low-fat, crunchy treats, is they’re designed to be broken easily to provide the appropriate amount for your dog’s size!  3-squares for large dogs, 2-squares for medium-sized dogs, and a single square is perfect for small dogs!  These 2 boxes have lasted quite awhile for us since I break each snack into a single square for Bubbs, but sometimes if he’s been REEAALLY good I’ll sneak him 2 squares.  :)

Check out how much Bubbs loves these Cloud Star “cookies”!

While attempting to get a good photo for this blog post, Bubbs came over to see what was up…

*sniff sniff sniff*  Hmm…Mmm…what are these just laying here?!

Don’t mind if I do!

(He took the 2-square treat, but I’m pretty sure he tried to pick up and take the single square too!)

Guess I can’t get them all.  *Bummed*

*trots over to the couch to eat his Cloud Star Trail Hound “cookie”

Here’s the star-down of what we think about Cloud Star Trail Hound Dog Snacks…

Cloud Star Trail Hound Dog Snacks treat REVIEW:

  • NUTRITION =   (5 stars)
  • TASTE =   (4.5 stars)
  • LOOK =   (4.5 stars)
  • ACCEPTANCE/EXCITEMENT =   (4.5 stars)
  • PACKAGING =   (5 stars)

For an OVERALL rating =


We give these yummy treats a 4.5 out of 5 star rating!

We highly recommend you pick up a box or two, or even 1 in each tasty flavor of Cloud Star Trail Hound yummy breakable biscuit cookies today!  And also, we’d like to send a shout out a big “THANK YOU” to Cloud Star for giving us the chance to try out this yummy treats!  And for donating 10% of your net profits to non-profit organizations that benefit animals, women, children and the environment!





The last time Bubbs and I took a venture to the store together we picked up a fun little toy called the Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat™ dispenser by Premier®.  Bubbs isn’t particularly one that needs to be kept busy, he’ll lay on the couch ALL day if I don’t get him up and motivated to DO something.  He’s a lazy, cuddling machine!  We hit up the treat aisle in search for some goodies to stuff inside (preferably mess-free), and we were off…noses sniffin’ in the wind!  We were both pretty excited about it when we got home.  I was anxious to see what he thought of it.  Would he be smart enough to figure it out?  Would he get bored with it easily?  Etc.  He, on the other hand, was just plain excited to have ventured to the store and mark anything and everything in sight.  The yummy treats we picked up were just a bonus!  When we got home, I opened it up, filled it to the brim with a variety of treats we picked up and placed it on the floor to let Bubbs have at it!

He appeared a little confused at first, but after about 5 minutes he had it all figured out!  “When I move this thing around, treats come out!  Woo!”

“I smell you in there!  Come out!!”

“Got one!  But I know there’s more in there!”

I didn’t check out any reviews of this toy before purchasing, it was more of an impulse purchase.  After Bubbs had his way with the dispenser, cleaned house of every morsel and settled in for a nap on the cough, I headed to the internet in search of what others thought of this little dog toy.  I ended up on the Amazon website HERE and was pretty shocked at what I found.  Apparently, while this toy is pretty durable for little dogs, medium-sized dogs, but when it comes to chewers, demise is sure to come!  This treat dispenser is made from a pretty soft plastic, so it appears that for heavy, or even moderate chewers, this toy needs to be offered under parental supervision, and taken away if your dog starts to chew.  On the Premier company website the chew-meter for this toy is in the middle, and that looks and sounds about right.

Although it seems like this toy may not be good for every dog, Bubbs LOVES it, gets excited anytime I get it out of his toy box (he knows treats are coming!), it doesn’t take him very long to empty it now (maybe 15-20 minutes depending on how tightly twisted it is), and since he’s not much of a chewer it’s a wonderful addition to his toy collection to change things up for him.

As a pet parent, this dog toy is very easy to assemble (twists apart easily), easy to clean up after it gets a little slobbery (a little soapy water, rinse, and dry!), and easy to fill with food or treats!  It also comes in 3 different sizes (SM, MED, LG) to accommodate all breeds and sizes.

We got a new Kodak Play Sport video cam for Christmas (Thanks, Karen!!) so we decided to take it for a test spin.  Check out Bubbs flippin’ around his Twist ‘N Treat in the video below!

In the beginning I had it twisted too tight and had to loosen it up for him, and for the treats to come out.  I had to put the camera down to twist it open and Bubbs decided to sit directly in front of me…so I apologize for the view of his wee-wee!  lol

Premier Twist ‘n Treat dog toy REVIEW:

  • ENTERTAINMENT =   (4.5 out of 5)
  • EXCITABILITY =   (5 out of 5)
  • DURABILITY =   (3.5 out of 5)
  • ASSEMBLY =   (5 out of 5)
  • PRICE =   (5 out of 5)


  • / (4.5 out of 5)

If you think you and your dog would love this little toy, and you’d like to add it to the toy collection, Amazon.com has a crazy good deal for less than $4!  Or, you can enter to try and win one from us!  We’re giving away 1 MEDIUM Twist ‘n Treat™ and a package of treats (Starmark Every Flavor Treats!) that are perfect to put inside that you’re dog will love!  We think the lucky winner of this giveaway will love this little toy!

To Buy It:

Premier Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat


To Win It:

  • Leave a comment on this post!

For additional entries: (must come back to this post and comment each time to receive your additional entries!)

  • ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and leave the comment on our Wall, “We want to try the Twist ‘n Treat!” (1 entry)
  • Follow us on Twitter, and Tweet this giveaway with, “Enter Twist ‘n Treat #giveaway from @Alldogblog!  http://bit.ly/twistntreat (1 entry)  *You can tweet once a day, but be sure to come back each day and leave a comment on this post!

Contest Rules:

  • Open to U.S. Residents 18 years of age and older only.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly using Random.org (Be sure to leave individual comments for each entry, comments compiling multiple entries will not be valid and deleted.).
  • Contest ends January 14, 2011 at 11pm Eastern Time.
  • Contest rules are subject to change without notice.


*Disclosure:  My opinions are my honest and thoughtful reviews and were not influenced by any source, and may differ from others.  All Dog Blog is hosting the giveaway of 1 Premier Twist ‘n Treat dog toy & 1 bag of treats to one random winner and was not monetarily compensated in any way.

Last month Dogswell® launched their new certified Low Glycemic Index dog food, Nutrisca™.  Certified by the Glycemic Research Institue®, this new diet is one of the only grain-free dry dog food diets that does not incorporate potatoes or tapioca, both of which are high on the Glycemic Index), and instead uses peas and chickpeas which are lower on the scale, but high in protein and fiber.  Each recipe offers balanced carbohydrates for sustainable energy, omega fatty acids for healthy skin and glossy coat, antioxidants and super-fruits to support immune and urinary tract health and amino acid bound chelated minerals that are highly digestible to ensure optimum nutrient absorption.

Now, if you’re an avid All Dog Blog follower, you know that Bubbs isn’t the easiest one to please when it comes to food (and even some treats), and I really wasn’t sure what he’d think about this Nutrisca™ stuff.  When Dogswell® sent us a sample bag to try and review I really honestly thought he wouldn’t eat it.  He’s the…*sniff sniff* *give mom crazed look of “This dry stuff is boring, put some of that yummy Proportions™ Pumpkin Stew ALL over it and I’m down, Mom!” kinda dog.  However, he surprised me BIG TIME when I poured about 1/4 cup of Nutrisca™ into a bowl, he gave it a sniff and was off!  He ate all of it!  Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

After I snipped off a corner of the bag and poured some in, I gave it a sniff myself and this stuff is pretty enticing.  It smells like it has A LOT of flavor for kibble and it really must be pretty flavorful for Bubbs to down his whole bowl in one sitting.  It looks pretty nutritious too, not as dry as some kibbles we’ve tried.  You can really tell there is oils infused into this food, good oils such as Vitamin E & Salmon Oil.

Upon reading the ingredient list we noticed the first ingredient is Chicken & there is also fruits and veggies listed too!  There is not ONE grain listed either.  I went back and took a look at his old food (before we switched over to Proportions™ meals) and you would not believe the amount of grain!  Brewers rice, corn, corn meal, soy flour, whole grain corn, corn gluten meal, corn bran…yea, pretty bad.  We’re still phasing out some of his old food, but as soon as we’re finished with it we think we may switch the kibble portion of his diet over to this new Dogswell® Nutrisca™.  Now that Proportions® gives you the option to order the Chicken Stew in Pumpkin Soup & Harvest Mix by itself, and allows you to use our own kibble, I think we’re definitely going to switch him over to this new food.

I love that there is no grain & potato starch in this food, and I love that he likes it!

According to the founder & Chairman of Dogswell®, Marco Giannini:

“We wanted to wow consumers by creating a food that addressed their need for grain-free and low-glycemic while still delivering premium ingredients, optimal protein, and taste that dogs will gobble up.  We’re confident that Nutrisca will be in a class of it’s own.”

We’re pretty sure Dogswell® got this one right on the first try.  They’ve met all the requirements that pet owners want, and the nutritional & taste-value that dogs need & want!  Nutrisca™ is offered in both Chicken & Chickpea Recipe & Lamb & Chickpea Recipe and is approved for ALL life stages!  Puppies can eat it too!  You can purchase either of these recipes in 4lb, 15lb, 28lb, and 1lb trial size bags.

Dogswell® Nutrisca™ dog food REVIEW:

  • NUTRITION =   (5 stars)
  • TASTE =   (4.5 stars)
  • LOOK =   (4 stars)
  • ACCEPTANCE/EXCITEMENT =   (4.5 stars)
  • PACKAGING =   (3.5 stars)

For an OVERALL rating =

/ (4 out of 5 stars)

We found Nutrisca™ over on the Petco website, but I couldn’t find it over at Petsmart.com.  It’s possible they might not have it available yet, but if you find it at your store let me know!  I might head out later this afternoon to see who’s carrying it.  You can also order it directly through the Dogswell® website HERE.  We’re super excited about this Nutrisca, and the way dog food companies are beginning to shape up one bowl at a time.  We’ll be keeping you updated on Bubbs progress with his new diet and how’s liking his slow switch to eating better, healthier, and soon-to-be grain-free & low-glycemic!

Thanks Dogswell®!

Disclosure:  My opinions are my honest and thoughtful reviews and were not influenced by any source.  I was not monetarily compensated for this post.  We received two trial size bags of Dogswell® Nutrisca™ to facilitate this review.


When DogCollarsBoutique.com contacted us about a new review partnership they wanted to get started with us, we could NOT have been more excited to get started and got us barking for joy!  For the past 5 and 1/2 years Bubbs has worn the same black leather collar with silver studs since he was a wee pup.  I knew he was in serious need for a new one and ALL year I’ve been searching everywhere online and in stores for something that I really loved and would look good on my little man!  I wanted him to have something that was going to last him just as long as his current one, but also with a little bit of style!  He’s a fiesty little guy and I wanted to make sure it showed off his personality too!

Since we are pretty new to this collar selection process, so I’ve got some questions for you guys and I’d love some feedback on how you guys go about choosing and selecting some new bling for your spoiled pooches!

How do YOU choose a collar for you dog?

  • How often do you purchase a new collar?  Once a year?  Once every couple of years?  Every 6 months?
  • Do you own just one or do you own several that you like to rotate in/out when the mood strikes?
  • When do you decide it’s time for a new one?  Does it look ratty and beaten up pretty bad, or do you just get tired of looking at the same old one everyday?
  • When was the last time you’ve checked out collars online or in the store?
  • Do you head to the store with the intent to purchase, or do you just stroll down the aisle and then find one you like and impulse purchase?
  • What makes you decide on a specific collar?  Color, size, bling-bling, style, because YOU like or because it would look good on your dog (or both!)?
  • While shopping for a collar online, what do you look for since you can’t physically touch it?

Let’s be honest, the selection of collars around the web (and often in stores too) is so large & so vast that sometimes it can become very hard to decide!  Believe me, we’ve been looking for one for the past year and had a really tough time!  We found THIS one, really loved it, seriously contemplated purchasing it, but then decided that I wanted to get something that was leather, extremely durable, and one that was really going to last a long, long time.  So, I decided to keep looking.  Maybe I’m just picky and indecisive!  It’s just a dog collar for goodness sake!  Why is this so hard and why am I making it much more complicated than it needs to be?!  Gah!

Well, my prayers must have been answered because a few weeks later we received an email from DogCollarsBoutique.com asking us to partner up and feature a review of one of their collars!  Not only does this company have the most awesome selection of collars to choose from (we’re talking high-end here people), but someone has impeccable timing over there!  DogCollarsBoutique.com to the rescue, I say!  Basically, instead of spending any free time I had (and the minutes are slim-pickins around here lately) checking every online pet retail store, scrolling through all the pages in the ‘Dog Collars & Harnesses’ section searching for just the right one, my choices had been limited and come to find out…that’s EXACTLY what I needed…ONE great website that carries amazing quality collars!

Don’t get me wrong, with so many great collars in one place it was still hard to choose, but instead of getting frustrated  and leaving the site like I previously did, I spent an hour checking out each category, brand, and sale & clearance section they had.  Selected a few (6 to be exact) that I really liked and then read each and every description and detail on each one until we narrowed it down to one.  We were NOT leaving DogCollarsBoutique.com empty handed!  I HAD to choose!

After lots of research, reading and re-reading, and asking others on their opinions, I decided that Bubbs would look so handsome, adorable, & sophisticated in the DogCollarsBoutique.com Imperial Tiger Eye & Onyx dog collar in chocolate!

And I was right!  It’s gorgeous and he looks great!

However, the look, color, and style were not the only reasons I decided to go with the Tiger Eye & Onyx collar.  Check out the description below…

From DogCollarsBoutique.com:

From the Imperial Collection:
Featuring rich Tiger Eye & Onyx faceted gemstones inset around a chocolate leather collar.

Many legends say that Tiger Eye is beneficial for health and spiritual well being. It is also said Tiger Eye enhances good luck and is protective, especially during travels.

Onyx is said to be a source of protection from evil spirts and improves clear headedness and concentrating abilities.

Featuring real Tiger Eye & Onyx gemstones, this Imperial collar does double duty by benefiting his health (has had issues with UTIs in the past) and his spiritual side (I’m sure Bubbs prays to the canine Gods every night before bed, right?).  Also, protects him during travels (we do go to Nana’s and Papi’s quite a bit and it’s a good 2-3hr drive), and from evil spirits (sometimes I’m pretty sure he’s half devil)!

We thought it was working…and then Monday we forgot maintenance was coming to check out our dishwasher in the apartment.  I forgot to put him in our bedroom before Lowell & I left for work all day that day and he’s been on edge ever since barking at every little noise thinking some intruder is trying to break in, etc.  I’m sure the poor guy who came to check it out was just as startled as you were Bubby Boo!  :)  I’m surprised we didn’t get a fine for having a vicious dog on the premises.

Here are some of the other collars we considered for our review:

The next time we’re in need of a new collar, you’ll be sure we’re over at DogCollarsBoutique.com checking out what’s new.  Not only do they have a GREAT selection of collars, harnesses, and leads, but they have QUALITY made products that you can trust and are going to last you a very long time.  Heck, it may be another 5 years before we are scouting based on the amazing quality and durability of our new one, but in the meantime we’re going to enjoy getting some great use out of our new collar!

The DogCollarsBoutique.com Tiger Eye & Onyx Dog Collar REVIEW:

  • QUALITY = (5 out of 5)
  • DURABILITY = (5 out of 5)
  • PRICE = (4 out of 5)
  • STYLE = (4 out of 5)
  • UNIQUENESS = (5 out of 5)


out of (4.5 out of 5)

Based on our experience with DogCollarsBoutique.com and their products so far, we’d like to give one lucky winner the chance to experience the quality of these products for themselves too by offering a $40 Gift Certificate towards any product(s) over at their great site!

To Buy It:

Tiger Eye & Onyx Dog Collar

To Win It:

  • Leave a comment on this post answering one of the questions we asked earlier in the post  (How often do you purchase a new collar?  etc.)!

For additional entries: (You MUST come back to this post and comment each time to receive your additional entries!  Entries all done in one post will NOT be counted and deleted!)

  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to the item you’d purchase with your $40 GC to DogCollarsBoutique.com if you’re the lucky winner! (1 entry)
  • ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and leave the comment on our Wall, “We want (insert item link from DogCollarsBoutique.com) from Dog Collars Boutique!” (1 entry)
  • Follow us on Twitter, and Tweet this giveaway with, “Enter $40 GC #giveaway to @DogCollarsBoutiq, from @Alldogblog! http://bit.ly/dogcollarboutiqGC (1 entry)  (You can tweet once a day, but be sure to come back each day and leave a comment on this post!)

Contest Rules:

  • Open to U.S. Residents 18 years of age and older only.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly using Random.org (Be sure to leave individual comments for each entry, comments compiling multiple entries will not be valid and deleted.).
  • Contest ends December 9th, 2010 at 9pm Eastern Time.
  • Contest rules are subject to change without notice.

We can’t wait to see what great collars/harnesses/leads you guys find over at Dog Collars Boutique!  Show ’em off!  If we were the lucky winner of this contest, we’d complete our collar with THIS!

Also, we’d like to give a HUGE shout out to everyone over at DogCollarsBoutique.com for allowing us to review such a great item from their site!  We couldn’t have had a better experience working with all of you, and I hope to stay in touch in the future!  Hope you enjoyed the review and don’t mind that we’re sponsoring a giveaway!


*Disclosure:  My opinions are my honest and thoughtful reviews and were not influenced by any source, and may differ from others.  I received one Tiger Eye & Onyx Dog Collar product to facilitate the review, and was not monetarily compensated in any way.  All Dog Blog has chosen to sponsor this giveaway from DogCollarsBoutique.com.

‘Ma Snax!’

Bubbs and I recently got to try some samples of Ma Snax dog treats, courtesy of Ma Snax™, and Bubbs really KNEW they were HIS Snax!  I ripped open the package, opened a bag and seriously considered hoarding them for myself.  They smelled so delicious and not like any other dog treats we’ve ever tried.  There was no beefy, bacony, chicken smell to overwhelm my senses (you know, when you open a pouch of Beggin’ Strips…yea, THAT smell), but instead I got the wafting smell of deliciously sweet Ginger, Pumpkin, & Sweet Potato goodness!  All of which are wonderful, healthy ingredients suitable for a spoiled rotten dog.

As most of you know, Bubbs is very much a picky little dog when it comes to food, treats, and even toys, and I wasn’t sure how he was going to like these little flower-shaped treats BECAUSE they didn’t smell like beefy, bacony, chicken.  As I refrained from taking a bite myself, I handed him a Ma Snax™ Double Pumpkin Happiness™ cookie and anticipated his reaction.  Would he sniff it and walk away?  Would he gingerly accept the treat, walk two feet, drop it, and look at me for something else?  Or would he be just as excited as I was about these new treats and scarf it?!

Well, he sniffed the treat, gingerly accepted it not knowing what to think, and then ran to the couch to unexpectedly guard it.  Just as I handed him the treat, Link, his kitty brother, walked into the room to see what was being handed out and Bubbs instantly went into ‘Guard Mode’, as you can see from the photo above and below.

“Take a step closer, I dare you kitty cat.  This is Ma Snax!”

He wouldn’t eat it, but he sure would guard it!  Of course, I he’d let me have it, but if Link even LOOKED in his direction he’d snatch it right up and hold it in his mouth.  It was then that it occurred to me about the name of these treats, Ma Snax.  Before having this little ‘guarding of the treat’ incident, for some reason I always thought Ma Snax was the name of the founder of the company!  Ya know, Mama Snax or something!  It never crossed my mind about putting it into another context and could mean something like, oh…I don’t know…like…MY SNACKS!  After a little bit of research, the name of the company really is a unique spelling of one of the owners’ last name, Masnack!

Yea, we all have our good and bad days I suppose.  We HAVE been really busy the past few weeks, so I guess I can just blame the ‘over my head’ moment on that. :)

At the end of the day, Bubbs decided to actually give them a try (after Link lost interest to go take a nap), and tried two of each flavor, Double Pumpkin Happiness™ and Sweet Potato & Ginger Snaps™.  Apparently, he loves his Ma Snax™ fresh and crunchy from the bag, and/or slowly drool-softened.


Ma Snax Superior Treats™ was established in 2005 by two professional chefs (Mary Ellen & Ray Masnack).  This fairly new dog treat company handcrafts these little cookies from the finest organic ingredients that come together in the most mouth-watering flavors we’ve ever seen!

Check out some of the other fresh and delicious flavors they’ve invented:

  • Banana-Carob Chip & Coconut
  • Blueberry Power
  • Cheddar Crackers w/Parsley & Chamomile
  • Cranberry Applesauce Spice

I don’t want to say it, but I will…we’re drooling ourselves over here.

Not only does this company specialize in to-die-for treats, but they also pride themselves on custom labels for them. If you send them a photo of your pup, they’ll create a customized label for YOUR dog’s dog treats!  This is a perfect idea for dog-lovers everywhere, and perfect for this upcoming Christmas & holiday season!  How fun would it be to sneak a photo of your best friend’s pup and then surprise them with some great really delicious dog treats with their very own dog’s photo on the front??  I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to get some of these treats featuring Bubbs on the label for Christmas!  Plus, they keep your photo on file for future reorders of treats!  It’s such a wonderful gift idea for friends and families with dogs, don’t you think?!

Ma Snax Superior Treats™ Review:

  • TASTE =
  • LOOK =

For an OVERALL rating =

  • /

To Buy It:

Ma Snax October Surprise


…because Ma Snax Superior Treats™ is so awesome and delicous, they’ve offered to giveaway two customized packages (Double Pumpkin Happiness™ and Sweet Potato & Ginger Snaps™) of their yummy treats to one lucky All Dog Blog reader!

To Win It:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling us why you’d love to try Ma Snax Superior Treats™! (1 entry)

For Additional Entries:

  • ‘Like’ our Facebook Page (1 entry)
  • Post the photo you’d send in to Ma Snax™ to put on the label of your dog treats if you win on our Facebook Wall for everyone to see!  We’d love to see your pups in their Howl-o-ween costumes on these yummy Fall flavors! (5 entries) *Note:  You must come back to this post telling us that you posted a photo on our Wall for your entries to count!
  • Follow us on Twitter (1 entry) *Note:  You must leave a comment on this post letting us know you are following us on Twitter or that you already do for your entry to count!
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Contest Rules:

  • Open to U.S. Residents 18 years of age or older only.
  • Winner will be randomly chosen using Random.org and be sure to leave individual comments for each entry for your entries to be valid.  Entries done in one single comment will NOT be valid and deleted immediately.
  • Contest ENDS October 20th, 2010 at 11:00pm EST. Any and all entries that come in after that time will not be valid.
  • Contest rules are subject to change without notice.

We’d like to send a big ‘Shout out!’ to the owners and everyone of Ma Snax Superior Treats™ for offering us the great opportunity to try out their yummy dog snacks and for offering this wonderful giveaway to our readers!

Thanks, Ma Snax™!


“Mom, what IS this thing you’ve got on me now?!”


Notice anything different in the photo above?!  Yep, that’s right…Bubbs is sportin’ a new harness, courtesy of PoshPuppyBoutique.com!  He’s not so sure, but we think he looks absolutely handsome, don’t you?!

We couldn’t have been  happier when Posh Puppy Boutique contacted us to do a product review, and when we went over to their site to chose an item we were so overwhelmed with choices!  We knew we wanted to review something that would be useful, practical, and something Bubbs needed, but we still didn’t know exactly what that would be.  Soon after we had added half the items on the site to our ‘Wish List’, we finally spotted it!  A HARNESS!  That was something useful, practical, and something Bubbs definitely needed.  So, just as if it was meant to be, a harness was on it’s way.

Before I tell you a little bit about the harness we chose from Posh Puppy, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about why Bubbs needed a harness, and why a lot of smaller breed dogs (and medium and large dogs too) can benefit from using one too.

If you ever came across Bubbs and I at the dog park, you’d probably never forget it.  Bubbs, at the sight of another canine, which usually catches me off guard and I don’t have the leash locked, would come running, frantically barking, and at full speed no less.  Then you’d see me…frantically running, at full speed about 10ft. behind trying to get him to stop before he chokes himself on the retractable leash, or before I owe you hundreds of dollars in vet bills.  Usually, we catch up to him, apologize to you for the scare, and we sometimes even offer to pick up any poop your dog may have dropped during the event.  He’s only 11lbs., but in his eyes, and along with most other Chi’s, he’s the biggest dog in the yard and he WILL be sure to let you know it.  Typical ‘Little Dog Syndrome’.  Yes, he has a problem, we admit it.

Even those these incidents are few and far between these days (we avoid them at all costs), I’m still a little anxious when we’re out in public together, and my eyes are always peeled (as are his, but since I’m quite a bit taller I have an advantage) for potential victims.  Because I’m his mom, I do always worry about him, want to do everything I can to make sure he has what he needs and wants, and of course, to keep him from harms way, and THAT is why he needed a harness.

“What’s that moving over there?”

Harnesses are very beneficial for little dogs, dogs who have a tendency to jerk and take off running unexpectedly, dogs who tend to escape their leads, and dogs who require more control while on the  move (i.e. Bubbs = all 4).  He’s a little man and that makes him a lot more fragile and prone to injuries if something unexpected were to happen.  While wearing his regular collar and leash, pulling puts a lot of strain on his neck, throat, and upper back (as with all other dogs).  Imagine the strain it puts on him when he takes off unexpectedly and I have to unexpectedly stop him or the retractable leash runs out.  Not good.  I definitely wanted to put an end to all of that.  I wanted more control while we were out walking together, I wanted to end the “Cacking” & “Hacking” when the leash became tight around his neck, and I wanted to certainly lessen the chances of him hurting himself.

So when Posh Puppy Boutique offered to send us an item for review on the blog, we were so delighted they had the cutest, comfiest harness we ever saw!  We were so excited for it to arrive, and for Bubbs to try it out!  Now, I’ve worked in the veterinary field and have had my fair share of experiences with harnesses, and let me tell you some of them are so difficult to put on!  I was slightly worried about that.  I was also slightly worried about whether it would fit him okay, since he is sometimes in between SM-M sizes (he’s a larger Chi, but evenly proportioned).  Believe me, I had my fingers crossed!  When it arrived, I opened it and panicked.  Oh, no!  This is not going to fit!  It looked so tiny!  I opened it fully and extended the strap to as far as it would go…*please fit!  oh, pleeeeeease fit!*


*Sigh of Relief*


I could fit two fingers underneath the neck, and under each strap.  Perfect!  And, I could put it on with NO HASSLE!  Perfecto!

So we went for a walk to try it out, and let me tell you, the immediate difference you can feel from a harness vs. a standard collar/leash set is incredible.  You DO have so much  more control, and you can feel it.  You don’t feel them pulling you, there is no straining, that is no “hacking” sound, and you’re both more relaxed.  You have more control, yet he feels as if he has more freedom.  We are immediately in love with our new harness.

*Relaxin & chillaxin in the yard!*

Posh Puppy Boutique has a LOT of harnesses to choose from, but we picked the Cozy Sherpa Harness because of the extra padding for comfort.  I wanted to avoid any irritation underneath his front legs and around his neck, plus it will provide some extra warmth when it starts to get a little colder here.  The harness allows us to walk comfortably, confidently, and a little less anxious (well, for me anyway).  The straps are durable, as is the D-ring for the leash attachment on the back, and can be trusted.  He can sleep in the harness without being uncomfortable, and with the extra sherpa padding, we can avoid any skin irritations.  The only thing I’d change is to add a little padding to the backstrap, but despite that, it’s basically the perfect harness for us, and we couldn’t be more happy with it!

Check out this video below of Bubbs getting used to his new harness!    Don’t be alarmed, he does this anytime he’s wet after a bath, or if you put ANYTHING on him other than his collar.  No Chi’s were harmed in this video!

(My fiance, Lowell, filmed it from his iPhone so I apologize for the poor quality, but you’ll get the idea!)

Yes, we’re pretty biased, but we think he’s the cutest Chi ever.

Posh Puppy Boutique Cozy Sherpa Harness REVIEW:  (out of 5 stars)

  • COMFORT = (4.5 out of 5)
  • DURABILITY = (5 out of 5)
  • HASSLE = (4.5 out of 5)
  • FIT = (5 out of 5)
  • STYLE = (4 out of 5)


  • / (4 out of 5)

So now that you know all about our new Cozy Sherpa Harness, and what we think about it, don’t you want one too!?!  Well, since they are just awesome, PoshPuppyBoutique.com has so kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway to purchase one for your pup, or any other item that strikes your fancy from their great site!  One lucky winner will be randomly chosen to receive a $25 Gift Certificate to PoshPuppyBoutique.com, and we couldn’t be more excited for all of our readers!

To Buy It:

Cozy Sherpa Harness

To Win It:

  • Leave a comment on this post on why your dog needs a harness!

For additional entries: (must come back to this post and comment each time to receive your additional entries!)

  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to the item you’d purchase with your $25 GC to PoshPuppyBoutique.com if you’re the lucky winner! (1 entry)
  • ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and leave the comment on our Wall, “We want (insert item link from PoshPuppyBoutique.com) from Posh Puppy Boutique!” (1 entry)
  • Follow us on Twitter, and Tweet this giveaway with, “Enter $25 GC #giveaway to PoshPuppyBoutique.com, from @Alldogblog!  http://bit.ly/poshpuppyGC (1 entry)  *You can tweet once a day, but be sure to come back each day and leave a comment on this post!

Contest Rules:

  • Open to U.S. Residents 18 years of age and older only.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly using Random.org (Be sure to leave individual comments for each entry, comments compiling multiple entries will not be valid and deleted.).
  • Contest ends September 30th, 2010 at 11pm Eastern Time.
  • Contest rules are subject to change without notice.

We can’t wait to see what little gems you guys find over at Posh Puppy!

Also, we’d like to give a HUGE shout out to everyone over at Posh Puppy Boutique for allowing us to review such a great item from their site, and also sponsoring a giveaway!  We couldn’t have had a better experience working with all of you, and I hope to stay in touch in the future!  Hope you enjoyed the review too!

*Disclosure:  My opinions are my honest and thoughtful reviews and were not influenced by any source, and may differ from others.  I received one Cozy Sherpa Harness product to facilitate the review, and was not monetarily compensated in any way.

As most of you probably know, we recently just did a post reviewing Proportions dog food.  Since we (Bubbs & I) love this food so much I decided to do another post about it.  No I’m not going to write another post about how great it is, you already know that from our previous post, but I am going to dive a little deeper into telling you why it is a much better option than what you are probably feeding your dog now.

We’re going to do a little ingredient inspection. :)  And we won’t be sugar-coating it for you either, so be careful.

This idea came to us after we did our sample review of Proportions.  Yes, it is yummy.  Yes, Bubbs loves it.  And, yes, it LOOKS amazing.  But what about the important part…is it REALLY healthy for him?  Yes, there is chunky, yummy doggy t0-die-for chicken pieces in delectable juices, and healthy, dehydrated fruits and vegetables…but all that is on top of kibble.  Right?  So we thought we’d go check it out.  See what is REALLY in this Proportions food.  What if it is just doggy “junk food” wrapped up in a bow?

This post will not be for the faint-hearted.  I’ll be including some definitions of ingredients listed in each of the foods, and they will not be easy to read.  They certainly were not easy for us, but I do think that it is important we are all well-aware of what we are feeding our pets!  I’ve cringed a few times this morning, and it’s been pretty hard to actually read what some of this stuff is, what it is used for, and to understand why it ends up in our dog’s food.

First, I did some research for the ingredient list of Bubbs’ current food we were offering him and copied it into a Word document.  For privacy sake, I’m not going to disclose which brand, but if you really want to know, contact me (or you could do a little research on the blog, we mention it all the time!).  Second, I found the ingredient list for the Proportions Crunch Blend and also copied into a Word document.

Thus, began the inspection and honestly, we were a little nervous as to what the findings would be.

I went through each line of ingredients and highlighted them according to good/bad, etc.  Anything not highlighted is just a bonus or something we just can’t get away from.

Here is the list of ingredients of Bubbs’ current food and Proportions side-by-side so you can see and compare what is in each diet :

To understand the key, and the easiest way to compare the two without it getting too complicated, I decided to go the “Good/Bad” route.  I initially started to break it down into further categories, such as highlighting the vitamins in one color, minerals in another, but it just got too crazy and everything was highlighted, etc.  I wanted to be sure to just stick to the basics and keep it clean and simple.  Ingredients in yellow are actual ingredients.  Ingredients that are good, wholesome, healthy ingredients.  Stuff I’d eat (well, maybe not Chicken or Salmon Meal).  Ingredients highlighted in red are obviously bad.  Things we don’t want to know is in our pet’s food.  Things that are hard to stomach, but sometimes very difficult to get away from if you are going to offer any kind of processed food to your dog, and the same goes for processed food we eat ourselves.  Items not highlighted are grains, vitamins, minerals, preservatives, etc.

We’ve written a post about how to read a dog food label HERE, and we’re going to use that as a guide.  It’s a good, quick read if you want to jump over there to take a look real quick.

First up, Bubbs’ Current Diet.

The Good:

  • Chicken – YAY!  We love chicken and we love that it’s the first ingredient listed.  (Wow.  That was long.)

The Bad:

  • Brewer’s Rice – small milled fragments that have been separated from larger kernels of milled rice.  It is processed rice product that is missing many of the nutrients contained in whole ground rice and brown rice, thus reducing the quality (Sounds very nutritional, doesn’t it?)
  • Poultry By-Product Meal – is a high-protein component made from grinding clean, rendered parts of poultry carcasses, and can contain bones, offal, and underdeveloped eggs; costs less than chicken muscle meat, but lacks the digestibility of chicken muscle meat *disgusted*
  • Corn Gluten Meal – a by-product of corn processing and used in animal feed, but also can be used as organic herbicide; many dogs and cats can develop an allergy to corn after eating this for an extended period of time (Well, that explains A LOT.)
  • Whole Grain Corn – more corn, yuck
  • Corn Bran – a filler made from the tough outer layer of corn
  • Soybean Meal – a high-quality protein filler that is also used in fertilizers; not good, not good at all. *disgusted*
  • Fish Meal – nutrient-rich feed ingredient that is made by pressing, cooking, drying and grinding of fish or fish waste until most of the water and some or all of the oil is removed; the fish used generally contain a high percentage of bones and oil; is also used in high-quality organic fertilizer *disgusted*
  • Animal DigestTHIS IS THE WORST.  Click on the link of you want to read what it is.
  • Glycerin – sugar & sometimes preservative
  • Dried Egg Product – processed egg product that includes breaking eggs, filtering, mixing, stablilizing, blending, pasteurizing, cooling, freezing or drying, and packaging (What happened to just adding eggs?)
  • Ferrous Sulfate – used to fortify foods and just doesn’t sound natural to us, but since both foods include it on the ingredient list, we assume it’s a must.

Last up, Proportions.

The Good:

  • Deboned Turkey – turkey with no bones!  That means MEAT!
  • Chicken Meal – when ‘meal’ is mentioned, it basically means anything that has been ground or reduced in particle size; ground up chicken meat that has been dried; no, it’s not chicken meat, but it’s not a by-product either.
  • Salmon Meal – “___”; see Chicken Meal but substitute for Salmon
  • Tomatoes – real veggies!
  • Salmon Oil – excellent source of Omega-3
  • Ground Flax Seed – excellent source of Omega-3
  • Carrots – real veggies!
  • Spinach – more real veggies!
  • Sweet Potatoes – even more real veggies!
  • Apples – fruit!
  • Blueberries – more fruit!

The Bad:

  • Menhaden Fish Meal – fish meal again, but Proportions actually communicates which type of fish they are getting their meal from, while Bubbs’ Current Food just goes generic, mystery fish.
  • Tomato Pomace – the skin of processed tomatoes that usually has potential to have higher amounts of pesticides
  • Natural Chicken Flavor – produced in a laboratory to give flavor to processed foods that lose almost all the flavor through the process of freezing, dehydrating, and canning; comes with all processed foods.
  • Ferrous Sulfate – used to fortify foods and just doesn’t sound natural to us, but since both foods include it on the ingredient list, we assume it’s a must.

I can’t believe the difference in these foods.  You can see for yourself if you compare the good vs. bad ingredients in each one.  Bubbs’ current food has ONE good ingredient.  ONE.  But Proportions has ELEVEN.  ELEVEN!  That is a HUGE difference in quality.  HUGE.  Bubbs’ current food has a very long list of bad ingredients, but his new food, Proportions has only a few and only one that is listed in each one (Ferrous Sulfate).

Proportions has 3 real sources of protein, while the other has only one.  Proportions has real vegetables and fruits, while the other has NONE.  Proportions has two great sources of Omega-3, while his current food has NONE.

I don’t know about you, but I can physically see that Proportions IS a much better food to offer to compared to his current diet, and honestly, we can not WAIT to see the results of what Proportions is going to do for him.  We expect BIG changes in his attitude towards food (we already have!), his energy level to increase, his coat to pick up some beautiful shine, and his happiness shoot through the roof from switching him over to Proportions!

We’d definitely be interested to see what your comparisons turn out to be like?  What kind of JUNK do you have in your mystery kibble?  Send us your comparison to erin@alldogblog.com!

We’re heading in the right direction by feeding Proportions Whole Food Meals, and we think it’s time that you take the step with us! You can call 800-860-4956 M-F 8:30-5:30pm to receive a FREE SAMPLE (two meals worth) of Proportions for your dog to try by mentioning our blog, All Dog Blog! Just tell ’em who sent you and your pup can be on their way to a happier, healthier, longer life!

STOP the fillers!  STOP the By-Products!  Stop the JUNK!

Just give us the REAL stuff!

Thanks, Proportions!


We recently did a post telling you a little bit about Proportions™ dog food, the new innovative way to feed your dog and how to get a $5 Trial Pack.  Since we’ve had the chance to try it ourselves, we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about it, what we think, and why YOU should let your dogs give it a try too!

Lately, I’ve been really curious about what our readers have been feeding their dogs?  Everyone has their own opinions and thinks what they are feeding their dog IS the best.  To feed raw or not?  To go Organic or Premium?  Or make your own diet at home?  I really enjoy the topic of dog food because it is so controversial.

Since the infamous dog food recall of 2007, the subject of commercial dog food is a hot debate, and probably won’t go away soon, nor quietly.  And why should it?  Most dog food companies are still not giving us and our dogs what they need and deserve.  In all seriousness, what would you do if THIS happened to you?  Or go HERE to read some comments about what other dog owners are going through right now.  Honestly, the huge wake up call for me came when I found out they used “spray on flavoring”.  Just like you, I’ve been living under a rock when it comes to commercial dog food.  No more!  I don’t know about you, but if Bubbs became sick because of something I offered him, I’d feel so gulity.  And hurt.  And mislead.  And Angry.  And every emotion under the sun.

The truth is, if they won’t change…WE will have to.

I think a lot of us are just plain tired of the mystery.  How can any of us really know what is in our dog’s food?  How can we really be sure that what we are feeding our dogs is safe and nutritious.  The answer is simple, and obvious.  We can reject mass produced, artificial “junk food” for dogs and begin to feed them meals we have prepared for them in our own kitchens where we make our own meals, for our families.  They are a part of the family after all!  It’s time we stop scooping mystery formed-kibbles from a bag into their bowls and expect them to be excited!

Since we’ve been thinking of switching Bubbs over to something a little more nutritious, and more us his alley ‘taste-wise’, we’ve been seriously considering a couple different brands, Proportions™ being one of them.  Proportions has been around since 1999 and is a SmartPak™ sister company that specializes in pre-packaged, complete, and balanced meals that are designed specifically to YOUR dog and his or her needs.  They are also one of the fastest growing private companies in America, making the Inc. 500 list twice!

According to the Proportions website:

Proportions customizes your dog’s meals according to the seven key factors a canine nutritionist would review. Our easy-to-use online Calculator determines the precise daily caloric requirements for your dog, enabling us to customize his portions in proportion to his size, age, energy level and body mass. Each meal you receive has only the calories your dog needs to stay fit and healthy.

And instead of buying a large bag of food that may go rancid before you get to the bottom of it, our meals are individually portioned and wrapped, preserving freshness naturally, and labeled with your dog’s name. Every 28 days, your dog’s meals are delivered to your door.

Wholesome nutrition and sensible portions means higher energy levels, healthy coat and skin, a happier demeanor, better body condition and, in many cases, a longer life.

It makes sense right?!

Well, we certainly believe so and so does Bubbs.  Our little guy was very enthused to try this stuff from the get go.  You have NO IDEA how hard it was to get photos of the packaging and of the actual food in his bowl (below)!  He was whining and jumping all over me!  First, I read the instructions on how to serve it.  I opened the ‘Crunchy Blend’ and poured about half the package into his bowl.  *sniff sniff sniff* *looks at me* *Okay, I’m interested*  I then went to Step 2 and opened the ‘Stew’.  It all went downhill from there.  *sniff sniff sniff sniff* *sniff sniff sniff* *jumping whining* *please give me* *give me plleeeeeaaaasssee* *maybe if I give her kisses, lots of kisses she’ll let me have some!*  I could barely put on Step 3, the ‘Harvest Blend’!  The ‘Stew’ is definitely his favorite.

Here is a beautiful photo of it all put together in his bowl…it’s the only one I could get.

This stuff is 5 Star Restaurant-Quality dog food, I’m telling you.

Bubbs has never been THIS excited to eat.  Never.  And you know what, that made ME feel like I’m finally doing my job as his mom.  I was excited that HE was excited.  No more dry, mystery kibble for us.

I’ve been getting extra kisses all morning and he’s sleeping off his delicious breakfast on my lap.  He’s happy, comfortable, and FULL!  When he’s happy and comfortable, I’M happy and comfortable!

Proportions™ Dog Food Review (out of 5 stars):

  • TASTE =
  • LOOK =

For an OVERALL rating =

  • /

Okay, okay…I know I mentioned and promised FREE Samples!  We’re getting there!

All Dog Blog has teamed up with Proportions and their wonderful PR Rep, Caitlin to give you and your pups a chance to try this amazing food for FREE too!  No catch.  No shipping fee.  Nothing but a delicious, nutritious, balanced meal for your pup arriving on your front door step.  We couldn’t be more excited about this, and excited for YOU and your dogs to be able to bring you this great opportunity!

Here is how to get your FREE Samples of Proportions dog food:

****UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand from our awesome readers sending emails (poor, Lea!), Proportions is asking that we please call 800-860-4956 M-F, 8:30 AM-5:30 PM and mention All Dog Blog to receive your free samples!  Again, I apologize for any additional inconvenience this may have caused you on our behalf, as well as on Proportions!  Don’t worry, you can still receive your FREE samples, we’re just going to have to get them to you a different way!  We’d like to thank everyone for being so patient and adaptable to this situation!  BTW…You guys ROCK!

Thanks, Proportions™.  Thanks, for being an honest, reliable company dog owners can trust.  Thanks, for finally being the company to step out of the norm and offer us what we want, and most importantly, what OUR DOGS WANT.  We are so grateful we’ve had the opportunity to try and review your wonderful, amazing, out of this world, and ‘out-of-the-bag’ dog food.  And Bubbs is too!

Disclosure:  My opinions are my honest and thoughtful reviews and were not influenced by any source.  I was not monetarily compensated for this post.  We received two samples of Proportions™ Custom Whole Food Meals to facilitate this review.

A couple weeks ago we received an email from a new company that specializes in luxury pet tags, and when they wanted to send us one for Bubbs to review before their launch this month at Pet Fashion Week…well, lets just say we had to pick our jaws off the floor!  We were so thrilled and checked the mailbox EVERY DAY anticipating it’s arrival, and when it arrived, we were nothing short of speechless.

First, let me first explain to you a little bit about how things work around here.  Anytime a company contacts us we immediately head over to their website and check it out.  We look around, see what kind of products they offer, is it modern, unique, and easy to navigate, etc.  First impressions are everything, after all.  From there we’ll assess if you, your company, and your product(s) are a fit for our blog.  If so, we try our hardetst to get back to you as promptly as we can to discuss any further details.

Something else we pay attention to is how well a company communicates, since most bloggers communicate mainly through email exchanges, and not verbally.  It’s a HUGE key to getting featured by us.  We receive 100s of emails a day, are busy researching and finding great dog things for you, but are currently very limited with the time we get to spend here.  If you’d like to be featured on the blog, be sure to be thorough, explain what you want, how you think WE can help you, and why we should work together, and you’ll stay on top.

Until things change, we are forced to be pretty selective when it comes to choosing companies we want to work with, and if that harms how quickly we climb the ‘Dog Blog’ ranks…so be it.  We’d much rather stick to our motto, “…to bring you and your dog THE BEST OF THE BEST…” from the very beginning, until the very end.

Thus, enters Wags & Tags™ and their extraordinary pet tags.

The first email from Wags & Tags™ quickly explained who they were, what they did, what they offered, and how they wanted to work with us.  Straight to the point.  +1!

After reading the email, I headed over to their website and was certainly intrigued.  Their website was modern and easy to navigate.  Next, to check out their product…these ‘luxury pet tags’, so I headed over to the ‘Pet Tags’ page and was immediately blown away.  I couldn’t believe how truly luxury these tags looked!  What was even more unbelievable was they wanted to work with Bubbs and I!  +Gazillion!

‘Bubbs’ new bling from the Wags & Tags™ Bowl Me Over™ collection!’

As soon as I saw these gorgeous tags online, I instantly wanted to see and touch one in person, and you most likely will too.  Not only are they quality, unique, modern, and spectacular collar-wear for your dog, but are designed for extreme durabilty and can be worn by the most active dogs without worry!

Wags & Tags™ was inspired by the owner’s Golden Retriever, Jessie.  Yes, inspired by a bouncy, lovable, active Golden Retriever, and not a purse-toting Yorkie!  (Not that there is anything wrong about toting around your Yorkie, of course!)  These prestigious tags were MEANT to get dirty, roll around, go for a run through the woods, and take a dip in the lake.  Now, with Wags & Tags, the most active dogs can have their prissy bling jewelry too!

In addition to the beauty and glamour of the fine jewelry tags, they also come with extensive functionality testing provided by Jessie, a gorgeous golden retriever owned by Wags & Tags founder, Sandy. After three years of extensive swimming and racing through the woods, Jessie proved that the tags can withstand all the fun of any active and rambunctious pooch.

Now, I’m sure you’re waiting to see what Bubbs thought of his new bling, but FIRST I wanted to show you the before picture.  Before he got the chance to be the proud owner of a Bowl Me Over™ tag from Wags & Tags™ he was the proud owner of his previous year’s rabies tag, this year’s rabies tag, and a Petsmart machine-engraved, gold, bone-shaped, name tag.

Here’s the before…

‘Bubbs:  The Ordinary Chi’

Bubbs’ new luxury tag was selected by Wags & Tags™, and certainly didn’t disappoint.  Actually, it’s exactly what we would have designed ourselves!  We received a sterling silver Bowl Me Over™ tag that features a silver bone inlay.  The entire tag is sterling silver except for the stainless steel plate ideal for engraving on the back, and the bail at the top.  His name and phone # were deeply engraved with a laser into the stainless steel plate to ensure that it won’t rub off, and it holds tight onto his collar with the stainless steel bail and a double split ring.


(photoshopped out my # for security reasons)

Tags are available in three sizes: small, medium, large and come with the ability to be customized by adding up to two lines of text.  There are 4 bone inlay designs available to choose from:  diamond, cubic zirconia, gold, or silver!

Even the packaging it arrives in is something you’d receive from your high-end jeweler!  The tag is contained in a beautifully designed, sturdy brown/orange jewelry box, and safe from any scratches and scuffs inside an extremely soft draw-string pouch!

PLUS, they design these amazing tags for us two-legged humans too!  Their Owner Pendants are just as amazing, and we’re definitely going to get one soon enough!

Okay, okay…I know you’ve been waiting to see what Bubbs thought of his new bling.  Be forewarned, he’s no longer Bubbs:  The Ordinary Chi…but…

…Bubbs:  The Snooty-Patooty Chi!

He’s been able to successfully wear the tag without incident (falling off, snagging, etc.) for a week now, and I feel fully confident in reviewing our Wags & Tags™ Bowl Me Over™ tag.

Based on our experience with dog tags, we’ve come up with 5 criteria to successfully review the Wags & Tags Bowl Me Over tag, and for any tags we may come across or be asked to review in the future.

Wags & Tags™ Bowl Me Over™ Luxury Pet Tag REVIEW (out of 5 stars)=

  • QUALITY = (5 stars)
  • STYLE = (5 stars)
  • DURABILTY = (5 stars)
  • ENGRAVING = (4 stars)
  • UNIQUENESS = (5 stars)

For an OVERALL rating:

  • / (4.9 out of 5 stars)

I’d like to thank Sandy Hirsh, Kelly & Natalia from Wags & Tags™ for sending us one of their amazing pet tags to review and allowing us to introduce this product to our readers.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and paws, and I hope to stay in touch with all of you in the future!  Hope you enjoyed the review!

Disclosure:  My opinions are my honest and thoughtful reviews and were not influenced by any source, and may differ from others.  I received one Wags & Tags™ product to facilitate the review, and was not monetarily compensated in any way.