With hot summer days and nights just around the corner, we always like to send out a reminder to spread the word about leaving your dog in the car while you run quick errands!  5 minutes in a hot car (or freezing cold) could be the unfortunate end of your pet’s life.

We don’t care if you say, “I’m must running in to grab something and I’ll be right out!  The windows are cracked!”

Who knows, the lines could be forever long and cause you to be in longer than you expected, minutes and seconds that your dog could be fighting for their life!  Unless you’re just taking your pet for a drive for some fresh air only, the radio is blasting in sync with the AC, the windows are down and you both are turning heads at the stop lights belting out tunes…LET YOUR PUP ENJOY THE COMFORT OF THEIR OWN HOME TO BARK AT THE NEIGHBORS!

We never leave our Bubbs in the car alone, if he comes on a car ride with us one of us will stay in the car with him.  He gets extremely stressed out even when one of us leaves the car & paces from window to window looking for either of us who left, and I don’t even want to know what he’d be like if we left him alone by himself.

We came across this Photo Series, “Mute: The Silence Of Dogs In Cars” by Martin Usborne the other day, hence the reason for this post.  It angers me so much to see a dog in a car left alone, and I love this photo series by Martin.  Doesn’t the dog in the photo above look sad, depressed, lonely, and like he’s been in the car for a long time if he’s made himself comfortable??


When will people just QUIT IT!?

Okay, we’re done ranting now.  :)





Here’s a little something to brighten your  morning!

Bubbs is curled up in his blanket next to me, but poor Linkin’ is still at the vet.  He had a front declaw and a dental yesterday, but if everything is going as well as they said last night, he might get to come home today!

I’ll keep you updated on his status!

Everyone have a wonderful day!

This cracks us up, yet sooooo true.  LOVE IT!

Thanks, Snuzzy for sharing this!