We recently did a post about the ongoing IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® campaign, and we thought we’d do a little update to see how things are going!  With only a little over a month left to go in the campaign, we thought we’d share some tips on adoption, feature an adoptable that could become your newest family member this holiday season, how many pets have been lucky to be able to participate in IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays®, and how many more need homes to reach goal.

Since our last post and since the campaign started on October 1st, almost 500,000 pets have been adopted and found their forever homes!  CONGRATS!  That’s a HUGE jump from where we last were, but we still have a long way to go in one month to reach the 1.5 million goal!  Starting today, every day we’ll feature a few adorable adoptables in the hopes that they’ll find their way home!  So far, over 2.5 million bowls of food have been donated by IAMS through Facebook & you guys purchasing the specially-marked bags of IAMS® in-stores!  THANKS, GUYS!

If you’re considering taking part in the campaign, here a few quick tips we think you should consider before jumping in to adopting a pet, courtesy of Mike Arms, founder of  IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® & CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center.

  • If your heart is set on adopting a kitten or puppy, be sure to check your local animal shelter! Did you know that dogs and cats of all ages are available for adoption at local shelters?
  • Many responsible animal organizations have processes and services in place designed to help make the best adoption matches possible, from assessing an animals’ health and temperament to offering special resources such as adoption counseling, follow-up assistance, pet parenting and dog-training classes, medical services or behavior counseling.
  • Oftentimes, the cost for adopting a pet can be significantly less than paying the higher costs associated with buying an animal from a pet store or backyard breeder. And the cost of your adopted pet often includes vaccinations, de-worming, spaying or neutering.

If you found these tips helpful, might we suggest a book that may be helpful to you that’s full of tips and advice, The Adopted Dog Bible by Petfinder.com!

The Adopted Dog Bible by Petfinder.com!

The first adoptable we featured on the blog was Jake, and we’d LOVE you to meet another little guy!


This little guy looks like he walked off a movie set. He is adorable. He and his brother and sister were rescued from a shelter and are now in foster care. He is about 12 weeks old and has had his first shots. He will make someone a wonderful family pet.  -Petfinder.com

We think this little guy is sooooo stinkin’ adorable, don’t you?!  His little terrier face and big expressive ears are just the cutest!  We can’t wait to get our house done & built this Spring, installing a big fence around our own backyard, and inviting another little cutie like Trooper into our lives to love, cuddle, and another chance at life they might not of otherwise had.  You bet will be sharing the process with you here on the blog, and keep you updated on when it’s time and we’re ready!

If you are considering adopting and participating in the IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® Campaign, we’d LOVE to hear your story and share your photos of your newest addition!  You can also share your story with IAMS on their Facebook Page HERE.  If you can’t or are not ready to bring another pet into your home just yet, you can also show you’re support by clicking “Like” to donate food to shelters in need.

Stay tuned for more updates and adoptables!

Come check out Fido Factor!

If you live in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Portland, Chicago, Austin, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Lake Tahoe, or any other major city, head over to Fido Factor, create an account to add YOUR favorite dog-friendly places and businesses in your town, download their FREE iPhone App, leash-up your pups, and get to exploring the spots other dog owners think you should check out!

We love these little apps that allow us to find public places our canine companions can tag along.  Things are just so much more exciting and fun when they’re around, am I right?!  We checked out our city, Indianapolis, and there isn’t much listed yet, so we’ve decided we better get on it!  The reason we like Fido Factor so much, and more so than any other search, is because of their mission to donate a small portion of each new location listed or reviewed to the San Francisco SPCA.  It’s FREE for us to use, yet they donate each time we use it!  That’s awesome!

Go HERE to get started with your pup explorations, and download the Fido Factor App for FREE!

This little App not only allows you to search dog-friendly locations in your city, but any city you may be visiting with your pup, thus making it perfect for travel.  You can also upload photos of your dog visiting some of your locations, write reviews, and rate each one using the 5 ‘bone’ system.  Five bones?!?  We better check this place out!

Having this app could lead to new relationships with other wonderful dog owners, and some new doggy friends for your pup!  Go have some fun with this one!  Got any cool dog-friendly places in your town?  Add them and share!  What is your favorite dog spot?

Thanks, Fido Factor for offering us your services for FREE and donating to your SPCA!

The late Miss Ellie, 2009 Ugliest Dog Runner-Up Winner

We’ve been so lucky to be a part of the Dog Blog world.  When we received an email from the OWNER of Miss Ellie, last year’s Ugliest Dog Conest Runner-Up Winner, we couldn’t believe it.  Literally.  We watch the Ugliest Dog Contest every year, and became to know all about Miss Ellie.  We were sad when we learned she passed away at the end of May, but we were excited to learn that her Mission still continues, and they’ve allowed us to spread the word!

If you don’t follow the Contest, and are not familiar with the famous Miss Ellie, read more below to learn more about her, and her Cause:

Miss Ellie was a runner up in the Ugliest Dog Contest and became quite famous last year.  Her pictures were in papers worldwide (more so then the actual winner).

Alot of it had to do with the fact she was doing it for a cause, to raise money for her local shelter.

She also gained fame when she tried to win the nationwide Cutest Dog Competition.  She was a weekly winner and recieved more votes then any other weekly finalist. There were over 50,000 dogs entered and 12 weekly winners.  She was trying to win 1 million dollars for the animal shelter.  She did not advance to the final four to win the grand prize.  But her efforts brought incredible awareness and support for rescue dogs and the humane society.

Last year her owner and her raised over $30,000 for their local humane society.

She was featured on Animal Planet’s DOGS 101, on billboards, and her home town even named a day after her.

This year was to be her last year in the contest since she was almost 17 years old..

She just passed away.. possible stroke and as the vet said.. she was just old…

Her owner is determined to carry on her legacy and is vowing to raise 1 million dollars for the local shelter to build a new shelter.  The current one was built in the early 70’s to house 1,000 animals per year, and currently they take in over 5,000!  With the ecomonic problems they are bound to see more! They are a full service shelter for the 4-5 surrounding towns and take in everything, including cruelty case animals and livestock.  More kennels means more animals can be held for adoption! They are in dire need of a new building.

Dawn Goehring, Miss Ellie’s owner, owns 14 rescue dogs total and has spent the last 8 years using her dogs as advocates for shelter animals.  They do school shows, pet therapy, commercial work, and have been performers at a family theater called The Comedy Barn Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN.  They do over 500 shows a year.  They are active in promoting a positive, fun, relationship with your pet.  They also teach pet responsibility and bite prevention at the schools.

Dawn would love to see people come together to help the animals.  With so much publicity about where donated dollars go, people can rest assured that ever dollar donated to this cause will go directly towards building a new building.  Even if it is just a dollar, every bit helps.  Miss Ellie was a face that people remembered and her work will never be forgotten.  This is about helping animals, even if it isn’t your community, you can still be part of something big and important in saving animal’s lives.

Go to www.misselliesmission.com to find out more.

Thank you, Dawn.  Thank you for allowing us to spread the word about Miss Ellie’s Mission, and enlisting us to help meet your goal.  We hope with our help, and with the donations from our readers, we can fully meet the goal and surpass it!

We also suggest you check out www.comedycanines.com.

R.I.P. Miss Ellie.

This is a great way to donate to the ASPCA!

Go HERE to grab a FREE Insurance Quote from the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, and they’ll donate $1 to the ASPCA!

It’s EASY.  It’s FREE.  There’s NO obligation.  There’s NO EXCUSE!

They ask a few simple questions, you choose a plan, and that’s IT.  No need to go any further with the process unless you’d like to.  Of course, we do think it is very important to have something like pet insurance in place, in case of an emergency, but if you already have it, or would like to shop around, feel FREE!

Thanks, ASPCA for being AWESOME and for all that you do!

I know a lot of you “Click to Give” every day, but did you know that you can “Touch to Give” now?!

That’s right!  The Animal Rescue Site has come out with this new App for your iPhone, that allows you to do your daily click and donate to shelter animals everywhere, using your phone while you’re on the go!

Now there is no excuse, right?!  They’ve made it so easy to help!

Visit the iTunes App store HERE to download it for FREE, and get started saving lives TODAY!

Head over HERE, or next time you’re in the store, to get your Petsmart Charities® Reusable Bag to tote around all your dog’s toys, treats, food, and any other doggy necessities!  These are perfect for when you and your dog are on the road traveling on vacation, or just to the dog park!  And it’s for a good cause!

Just like most reusable bags out there, they are inexpensive at a whopping $1.99, and 100% of the proceeds go straight to the Petsmart Charities®!  That rocks our little white socks!!

Go pick one up for yourself and one for your pup, and hey, your friends with dogs would probably LOVE to have one too!  Every dog should have one!

Ellen DeGeneres has done it again!

We love Ellen and everything that she is doing, and has done in the name of animals as she continues to express her devoted support for animal adoption and supporting rescues.  This time she’s teamed up with U.S. Postmaster General, John E. Potter, to release some one-of-a-kind postage stamps that feature dogs and cats who have been successfully adopted into loving homes, and they’re about to be released to the public at the end of April!

The program, Stamps To The Rescue, was unveiled on her show this month and if successful, will hopefully bring awareness to the importance of animal adoption and rescue.  If you’d like to make sure that you get your paws on some of these sticky cuties, you can pre-order them ahead of time to ensure you get some!  You bet we are!  We’re stockin’ up!

Go HERE to pre-order and see the furry faces that will soon be adorning your mail!

The stamps will be available to order for 1 year, and you know that year will fly by.  They always do, so be sure to get some to last you awhile!

Thanks, Ellen and Postmaster General, Potter!

Become a fan of the Pedigree Adoption Drive HERE on Facebook and help feed a shelter pet!  We are a HUGE FAN of adoption, and anything we can do to help spread the word, we’ll do!

Watch the video featuring this year’s sponsor, Carrie Underwood and her dog Ace…

I want all of you have stopped by today to comment on how you became a Fan and helped donate food to a shelter pet today…it’s really easy if you have a Facebook account people!  If I have no comments, I will be disappointed.  Very.

DO IT!  :)


This is such a cool idea!

What’s a better way to educate our children with a stuffed animal that comes with it’s own adoption certificate.  Showing them that adopting really is the best option while they’re young, and there is nothing wrong with saving a life.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen little puppies that were purchased by the parents that came with incorrect or not enough vaccination history from a pet store, were seriously sick, or had some genetic disorder.  It made me angry that these parents were pretty much teaching their children that it was okay to support Puppy Mills at such a young age, regardless of whether they were aware of it yet, or not.  They’ll grow up and think that if they want a pet, you go to the pet store.  The cycle starts over.

But now with Stuffed Adoptions, you can help teach that adoption is the best because you are saving a life, and not destroying one.  When you purchase a stuffed animal, a large portion of the purchase is sent to a REAL shelter, Humane Society, or animal welfare organization.  They have dogs, cats, and bunnies available for “adoption”.


If I was a little girl, I would LOVE to get this little guy as a gift!  Isn’t it so cute, and life-like!  There are several breeds to choose from, and every one is as cute as the next!

Now you can help a cause when you purchase your kids stuffed animals.

Here’s a little bit about Stuffed Adoptions:

Stuffed Adoptions was formed by an animal welfare advocate who wanted to start a business that would help animal welfare organizations raise funds. Everyone who works at Stuffed Adoptions is an animal lover who feels strongly about helping neglected, abused and homeless pets, so much so that we often have foster pets here at work!

Due to our backgrounds, we have personally experienced dealing with the heartache of neglect and cruelty to animals, heartworm positive dogs, lack of spay/neuter resources, feral cats, owner surrenders due to foreclosures, puppymill busts and the heartbreak of too many homeless animals and not enough good homes.  Therefore, we are committed to helping the wonderful humane societies, rescue groups and other animal welfare organizations who work everyday to combat those problems.  A large portion of every stuffed pet adoption goes directly to those organizations.

Our stuffed pets make excellent gifts, birthday or holiday presents.  And with each purchase you not only get an adorable stuffed animal but you also get the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase helped an animal welfare organization help a real pet. So adopt a stuffed pet from Stuffed Adoptions today!

All Dog Blog loves this!


Not only does he have a cute name, but he’s got one of those faces that is irresistible!

This handsome guy needs our help.  Meatball is suffering from a cancerous bone tumor beneath his eye, and his owners are running a blog to help raise funds for his extremely expensive surgery to remove it.  They are running auctions of donated items by crafty individuals and businesses to help get ‘Meaty’ closer to being cancer free.  You can also donate directly if you want.  They still have quite a bit of money to raise, so lets get to it dog lovers!

There are some really great items available!

Head over to Meatball’s blog auctions HERE and get bidding!

Some of the items end tonight, so HURRY!

“Die Cancer, Die!” –Meaty