Boy, oh boy has it been a long week but seems like it went by so fast!

Can you believe it’s been FOREVER since we’ve done a F.F.F.?!

We just loved this one…let’s see if you can figure it out!  He’s canine counterparts do a pretty good job of giving it away early though.  ;D

Thought you’d like this one!

And in other great news today (other than it’s Friday), I became an Auntie today!

Pictures coming soon!

Have a good weekend everyone!


It’s seriously been WAAAAY too long since we’ve done a Funny, Furry Friday around here!

Honestly, I don’t even remember the last time we’ve posted one!

So here’s our long overdue, cute video featuring an ordinary dog (a puppy in this case) being extraordinary…introducing adorable Chi, Boo, at the beach, having the time of her life!

So stinkin’ cute!

She looks exactly like Bubbs when he was a baby!

This video makes me miss having a puppy in the house!

Adorable, Boo!

Can you believe it’s Friday already?!

These weeks are flying by, the Summer has flown by, the leaves are beginning to fall, and we can feel a chill in the air at night.  We LOVE it!

Check out this beautiful English Bulldog just relaxing and enjoying her favorite show, Family Guy!

The person filming her is just barely containing themselves!

She looks so relaxed and just enjoying herself!  Just an ordinary Bulldog doing what they do best!

Happy, Funny Furry Friday!

Last Friday came and went before we even realized we forgot to post!

The weeks are FLYING BY!

Check out who made it this Friday!

Absolute Cuteness!  And yes, we know it’s remixed, but he just looks so cute in his little tux outfit doesn’t he?!

Do you have a talented dog?  Or a video of your dog doing something UBER CUTE?!  If you do, send it to us and your dog maybe be featured on our Funny Furry Friday!!  Email your videos to!

We know that every dog owner thinks THEIR dog is the smartest, but does your pup know how to READ?!

Meet Willow, the reading dog!  We LOVE how she looks like a little black dog in a brown coat!  So unique and cute!

We need to teach Bubbs how to read!  What words do you think we should try?  Does your dog know how to read?  What words does he/she know?

Show us your dog’s smartness!

Check out this adorable video of a dog who just loves hugs from his dad.

Bubbs gives some good hugs, but this handsome Alaskan Malamute named Lakota really knows how to give ’em!

Adorable, and sooooo sweet!

Welcome to this Friday’s edition of Funny Furry Friday, featuring the premiere of:  A Dog & His Deer.

It makes me want to leap for joy!

The deer, named Theen, was cared for by mlcarriker’s family after he was discovered alone and malnourished. The family bottle-fed Theen until he began to eat on his own, and although he’s now free to wander and mingle with his wild brethren, he “frequently comes back to the house to eat some [cat food] and play with our dog, Buddy,” mlcarriker explains. “He doesn’t care much for deer corn.” [via L.A. Unleashed]

How ADORABLE is that?!  *warm sigh**tears*

Hope you enjoyed this weeks’ edition of…*cheezy exit music* FUNNY, FURRY, FRIDAY!