You’ve just been notified of a cool new website that Best Western has launched HERE!  Find a digital photo of yourself, and one of your pet, upload and ‘Inseparate’!  I was just looking through some of the other photos that people have uploaded and they are pretty hilarious!

If I had any pictures of myself, I would definitely see what Bubbs and I looked like!!


Best Western’s have over 1900 pet-friendly hotels, and is a great choice when traveling with your dog!  I myself have stayed in a Best Western with Bubbs, and if I remember correctly we slept like a baby and had no problems with checking in/out!

Thank you Best Western for contacting All Dog Blog about your new website!  We’ll enjoy it!


Find out how old your dog is using the Dog Age Calculator!  This cool website estimates how old your canine really is based on a list of criteria like general health, prevention methods, diet and nutrition, and exercise.  Bubbs asked to do it and this is what he got…

Bubbs’s DogAge is 18.3! — That’s 7.1 years younger than the average DogAge for Bubbs’s breed!

Not bad, he is spoiled after all.

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure how accurate this thing age calculator is, but it’s still fun to see the results.  If you end up having an older age than you were expecting, you may be able to change a few things based on the criteria they use, for instance, offering a better, more balanced diet, or getting more exercise, retake the test, and add a few years onto your dog’s life!

Go take it and share with me what your dog got!




I did it, you probably did it, and now your kids are most likely doing it:  begging and pleading for a puppy.  It seems to be a normal part of life that everyone goes through when a child, and a situation that most, if not all, parents deal with on a regular basis.

If you’ve bought your kids a Nintendo DS, you may get some relief with the new Discovery Kids:  Puppy Playtime, Dogz, or one of the Nintendogs!  I’ve never played any of these, but I sure wish that I had one of these games when I was going through my ‘puppy phase’.


Discovery Kids:  Puppy Playtime:   lets you raise and train your very own rescue puppy/dog and eventually take on 30 missions through various worlds.  Rated E for Everyone.

Dogzraise a puppy without having to pick up after it, train it, and choose from over 40 dogs and 18 different breeds; great for youngsters.  Rated E for Everyone.

Nintendogs: comes in several breed games (Chihuahua and Friends, Labrador and Friends, Dachshunds, Dalmatian, and Best Friends) that allows you to train, raise, and is suited for all dog lovers.  Rated E for Everyone.


Any of these games may just quiet those pleads, if only for a short while, but may give you some time to give the thought of adding a canine to your household seriously.



Find out what dog breed you are! 

Go HERE and click ‘Game‘ on the left sidebar to play.

The website is about a British comedy movie.  I haven’t seen it, but will probably check it out considering how well designed this game is!

I’m an…(click ‘play’ button!)

What are you!?