Check out one of the three top dogs who was chosen to be a Mighty™ Star in the upcoming Mighty Dog Nation:  The Movie dogumentary!

Meet Jasmine!  She’s a genius!

Congrats, Jasmine!

To meet and watch Jesse and Mater, the other winners, head over HERE!!  And if you aren’t a citizen of the Mighty Dog® Nation yet, you should be!!  Head over HERE to sign-up!




Check out the upcoming issue of ‘O’!  Dog lover and animal activist, our beloved Oprah, who helped bring the general public into light of the shocking business of puppy mills, has dedicated the entire June issue to the dogs and little miss Sadie is on the cover!

We all remember and followed closely as Oprah’s new puppies fought for their lives a few months back from the deadly parvovirus.  Unfortunately, Sadie’s biological brother Ivan has since passed away.  However, Sadie has made a full recovery and is now gracing us on the cover of her mom’s magazine, ‘O’!  (She is sitting pretty on Oprah’s shoulder.)

I’m sure we will be seeing A LOT of Little Miss SAY-DEEE!!  And I’m glad that she is back to her good ‘ole puppy self!

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 It’s all over the news, Paris Hilton’s new BF reportedly spent $10,000 on a pomeranian puppy in a Tokyo pet store.

Yes, I said $10,000.

She now owns 18 dogs after this new addition, and again continues to support puppy mills.

You can watch her discussing with Ellen on her talk show about the new puppy HERE.

How do you guys feel about Miss Hilton purchasing another puppy?

Oprah introduced her newly adopted Cocker Spaniel puppy, Sadie, this past Friday and boy is she cute!  As were here brothers and sisters that were still available for new homes, although they probably will soon find homes after they made their first television debut on the show.

I’m really happy that she made the decision to adopt from PAWS, the largest No Kill shelter in Chicago.  She sets a great example for those looking to add a canine to their home, whether it’s a puppy or an adult, that you can find purebreds and mixed breeds of all shapes, sizes, and colors at your local shelter.  Hopefully individuals and families will also visit their local shelters in search of their new pet.  Awareness happens one adoption at a time.

What do you guys think about Oprah and her newly adopted Cocker Spaniel, Sadie?

We all watched this week (and if you didn’t you should!) as Jon and Kate Gosselin added two puppies to their brood.  A couple times during the episode all I wanted to say was, “What were they thinking!”  And, “Did they do any research?!”  But the more I thought about it, if they can handle eight kids they can handle adding two puppies to the mix.  I just hope that they know what they have gotten themselves into!

Having as many children as they do, I think it was inevitable that a dog would make its way home to the Gosselins.  I wish they would have chosen a shelter puppy, instead of going with a breeder.  I wish that they had gone with a mixed breed puppy, instead of purebred German Shepherds.  And I wish that they had been more prepared than they appeared to be.

Do you think that Jon and Kate made the right decision on adding two German Shepherds to their family?




Rourke with Jaws


No, Mickey isn’t going to appear in the next Jaws sequel.  Jaws is the name of his new traveling companion after the unfortunate death of his beloved Loki this month.  Mickey and Jaws, also a chihuahua, were spotted at LAX recently, according to

It’s not the first time the two of them have been seen together, they posed for PETA‘s most recent ABC ad campaign about spaying and neutering your pet.  “Have the cojones to fix your dog” states the ad, featuring Rourke and Jaws. 

I think it’s a great ad.  I don’t know how many times I’ve tried informing some clients on why it’s important to spay or neuter, yet they still believe that such a procedure will make them less of a dog.  To be honest, it’s mostly men who think this.  Why?

I really would like to know the answer to that question.  If you are male, who believes in not neutering/spaying your dog, can you please enlighten me on your reasoning?