photoIf you’ve followed us for awhile, you’d know that I recently (well not so recently) had a baby boy.  Well, that boy has grown up enough to want to take care of his dog already, just as I hoped he would.

He loves his Bubbs oh so much, Bubbs on the other hand is definitely making him work for his affection, but he’s allowing it.

We’re working on their relationship, and although Bubbs might not be gung-ho about this new human in his life, and LJ might not get the overwhelming surge of love that a puppy gives upon greeting, but they’re brothers and they know it. :)



Head over HERE to print a coupon worth $5 off your next purchase of GlenHaven® Shampoos at Banfield Pet Hospitals located inside most Petsmart stores.  Some of these are medicated shampoos and may need to be prescribed by a veterinarian, so since it doesn’t expire for awhile it might be worthwhile to just keep in your purse for if and when your pet may need it!

Bubbs got fleas awhile back and since he’s severely allergic to there saliva he got a pretty bad skin infection and needed a bottle of this stuff to help get his skin back to normal.  I still use it every now and again to keep his skin balanced, and I love it.

For  your viewing pleasure…

Thanks, Banfield!


If you are (or were) an avid All Dog Blog follower, I’m sure you’ve noticed that our posts have been kind of sketchy and far-and-between, and we’re so, so sorry about that.  :(  Well, here’s why…

I’ve been trying to keep up as best I can on emails, but unfortunately have gotten so far behind and we’ve missed out on so much good doggie stuff lately and that makes us sad!  But alas, now that we’ve gotten into a pretty good routine around here (for now :D), I’ve been working on the inbox and getting things down to a manageable level finally.  Things are starting to get a little easier and you can definitely expect us back in full-force very soon!

Stay tuned for lots of deals, giveaways, and fun doggie stuff soon!  And you might get to see lots of new pics & videos of Bubbs and our new little dude around here.  ;)


Bubbs and I have missed you guys!

We’ve been uber busy with life things and other work obligations, but we’re hoping that things will change once we have a more comfortable spot to work and spread out!  Our tiny apartment is busting at the seams, and we found out today we have 25 days left before we close on our house and Bubbs has a big backyard to run around in!

Shhhh…he doesn’t know yet!

We’ll be back in full-swing soon enough!


We’re peeking out to say, “We’re baaaaaack!”

I’m sure you’ve noticed our lack of posts and absence lately.  Bubbs and I have been so overwhelmed with our life outside of the blog that packages have been piling up on the kitchen table, and in the living room, and in the office, and on the banister, and…well, you get the idea.  We’ve gotten so far behind on our blog duties here that we honestly don’t know where to begin!   Bubbs and I want to send our apologies and to say ‘Thank You’ to all who’ve contacted us in the past month and are waiting for your reviews, links, and giveaways.  We want you to know that we’ve certainly not forgotten about you, our duties to you, and that we’ll be spending the rest of this month getting caught up with everything, getting back to all of you, and fulfilling all of your expectations to the fullest.  We’re so excited to be back and working, and I’m sure you are too!

Our absence certainly was not in vain.  The past month we’ve been transitioning into a new job, started the process to start building our first home, only to have it all go back up in the air a week later when we found out we may need to relocate because of Lowell getting offered a new position within his company, only to find out it wasn’t going to happen a week later.  It’s been a month filled with lots of new beginnings and lots of ups and downs.  Honestly, I tried to spend some time getting caught up every night or during the weekend when I had some free time, but trying to adjust to the change in my schedule left me exhausted and fatigued.  Although we’ve had lots of things changing in our personal life, the great news is the blog is certainly going to benefit significantly from these changes as well.  The new job will allow me more time to spend here, thus benefiting you!  I couldn’t be more excited about that and that’s the dog-gone truth!

Keep an eye out for some great posts, coupons & deals, freebies, partnerships, giveaways, and big changes that will be leading us up into the new year!

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving already?!  We’re about to hit our 2yr anniversary on the web and we can’t believe it!  Can you?!  We’re still a young site, but we very much look forward to moving into the new year with developing new partnerships, expanding, and reaching out and getting to know our readers more!  Yep, that’s you!

We’ve missed you guys and hope that you’ve missed us too!

Not sure if most of you heard, but WE WON!

Yep, our little blog won the big Proportions Canine Nutrition Blogger Challenge and we could not be more thrilled (and surprised)!  This contest has allowed us to try a new innovative dog food that Bubbs absolutely loves, and others the chance to try it too.  But what it’s really given us is the opportunity to write and share about something we love, canine nutrition.  Giving your dog a great food is the start to a long, healthy, happy life and Proportions has really shown us they can help us do that.

We’d also like to say “Congrats!” to My Tail Hurts From Wagging Too Much (2nd Place) & DogTipper (3rd Place) for their BIG wins as well!  We’ll be adding a link to their sites, so you guys can check ’em out too!  Not only do we want to say congrats to them, but also everyone else who participated in the challenge AND to all of our readers who called and said “ALL DOG BLOG SENT US!”.  All of you bloggers did a great job in not only promoting Proportions, and sharing this great food with your readers and allowing them the chance to try something great!  Good job, everyone!  And a HUGE thanks to our readers!  We couldn’t have done it without you!  You guys ROCK!

Check out the press release announcing our BIG win:


Prizes include coveted spot on Canine Nutrition Expert Tracie Hotchner’s Dog Talk radio show and cash prizes

PLYMOUTH, MA. – (September 21, 2010) Proportions, a new canine nutrition brand that is supported by a six-time Inc., 5000 animal health corporation, announced  the winners of its “2010 Canine Nutrition Blogger Challenge” a contest designed to engage and  reward the blogger community for its ongoing commitment to the betterment of canine well being through proper nutrition.

The contest ran in conjunction with Proportions’ Canine Nutrition University, a free, online series of topical content designed to educate dog owners about fresh ways of thinking about how they feed their dogs.  Each contestant received samples of Proportions “whole food” nutrition meals, along with a lesson plan from Tracie Hotchner, professor of Canine Nutrition University and renowned pet nutrition expert.

Contestants were encouraged to educate themselves and their readers about overall nutrition facts and compare that with the Proportions’ program.  The contest garnered amazing results and after a difficult selection process Proportions’ is pleased to announce the winners:

·         First place goes to Erin Dunn, All Dog Blog

·         Second place to Michelle Maskaly,  My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much,

·         Third place to Paris Permenter DogTipper

The first place winner will receive $200 and a spot as a guest on Dog Talk® radio with Hotchner, author of the Dog Bible and a 2010 GRACIE Award recipient, the radio equivalent of an Oscar, where she was named “Outstanding Host of an Entertainment / Information Show on Public Radio.”

The prizes for second and third place winners are gift cards in the amount of $50 for second place and $25 for third place.

Although not everyone placed in the contest, Proportions believes everyone who participated is a winner because they and their followers were able to learn more about canine nutrition and the Proportions program.

According to competition winner, Erin Dunn of All Dog Blog, the blogger competition allowed her the chance to compare Proportions against her dog’s current diet.  “[My dog’s] current food has ONE good ingredient. ONE. But Proportions has ELEVEN. ELEVEN! That is a HUGE difference in quality. HUGE.”

Additionally, second place winner Michelle Maskaly of My Tail Hurts from Wagging So Much has offered to donate her winnings to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc. in New Jersey that is recovering from a recent flood.

Proportions plans to continue their educational outreach to bloggers through additional competitions. To be informed of upcoming challenges, please contact

Proportions has created a new, whole food canine nutrition program that encourages reducing the amount of kibble that is fed, replacing the calories in kibble with a human-grade protein-rich chicken stew and real fruits and vegetables, all in custom portions based on each dog’s unique needs.

To start learn more about the nutrition program and to receive a sample please visit or call (800) 860-4956.

Proportions is backed by SmartPak™ Canine, a web and catalog destination for food, nutritional supplements and a variety of top-quality dog products which provides thoughtful, custom nutrition to enhance and extend the lives of animals. To learn more about SmartPak™ Canine please visit:

Check out the posts we featured about Proportions that brought us First Place:

Yes, we’re still in a little daze and disbelief that we won, but we are so thankful that we’ve had such an opportunity to work with this great company that offers dog owners and their dogs what they want, need, and deserve!  And don’t think that just because this contest is over, we’re done telling you how much we love Proportions™! :)

Thanks, Proportions™!

Here’s a little video of Scott Kirsner from the taste-testing Proportions himself while on a visit to SmartPak in MA!  This cracked us up, and thought you might enjoy it too!

We’ll keep you updated on everything that happens, and when we’ll be on Dog Talk with Tracie Hotchner!  We’re so excited to be talking with her, and we really hope we don’t sound too nervous!  We’ve never been on the radio before!

Stay Tuned!

“Mom, what IS this thing you’ve got on me now?!”


Notice anything different in the photo above?!  Yep, that’s right…Bubbs is sportin’ a new harness, courtesy of!  He’s not so sure, but we think he looks absolutely handsome, don’t you?!

We couldn’t have been  happier when Posh Puppy Boutique contacted us to do a product review, and when we went over to their site to chose an item we were so overwhelmed with choices!  We knew we wanted to review something that would be useful, practical, and something Bubbs needed, but we still didn’t know exactly what that would be.  Soon after we had added half the items on the site to our ‘Wish List’, we finally spotted it!  A HARNESS!  That was something useful, practical, and something Bubbs definitely needed.  So, just as if it was meant to be, a harness was on it’s way.

Before I tell you a little bit about the harness we chose from Posh Puppy, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about why Bubbs needed a harness, and why a lot of smaller breed dogs (and medium and large dogs too) can benefit from using one too.

If you ever came across Bubbs and I at the dog park, you’d probably never forget it.  Bubbs, at the sight of another canine, which usually catches me off guard and I don’t have the leash locked, would come running, frantically barking, and at full speed no less.  Then you’d see me…frantically running, at full speed about 10ft. behind trying to get him to stop before he chokes himself on the retractable leash, or before I owe you hundreds of dollars in vet bills.  Usually, we catch up to him, apologize to you for the scare, and we sometimes even offer to pick up any poop your dog may have dropped during the event.  He’s only 11lbs., but in his eyes, and along with most other Chi’s, he’s the biggest dog in the yard and he WILL be sure to let you know it.  Typical ‘Little Dog Syndrome’.  Yes, he has a problem, we admit it.

Even those these incidents are few and far between these days (we avoid them at all costs), I’m still a little anxious when we’re out in public together, and my eyes are always peeled (as are his, but since I’m quite a bit taller I have an advantage) for potential victims.  Because I’m his mom, I do always worry about him, want to do everything I can to make sure he has what he needs and wants, and of course, to keep him from harms way, and THAT is why he needed a harness.

“What’s that moving over there?”

Harnesses are very beneficial for little dogs, dogs who have a tendency to jerk and take off running unexpectedly, dogs who tend to escape their leads, and dogs who require more control while on the  move (i.e. Bubbs = all 4).  He’s a little man and that makes him a lot more fragile and prone to injuries if something unexpected were to happen.  While wearing his regular collar and leash, pulling puts a lot of strain on his neck, throat, and upper back (as with all other dogs).  Imagine the strain it puts on him when he takes off unexpectedly and I have to unexpectedly stop him or the retractable leash runs out.  Not good.  I definitely wanted to put an end to all of that.  I wanted more control while we were out walking together, I wanted to end the “Cacking” & “Hacking” when the leash became tight around his neck, and I wanted to certainly lessen the chances of him hurting himself.

So when Posh Puppy Boutique offered to send us an item for review on the blog, we were so delighted they had the cutest, comfiest harness we ever saw!  We were so excited for it to arrive, and for Bubbs to try it out!  Now, I’ve worked in the veterinary field and have had my fair share of experiences with harnesses, and let me tell you some of them are so difficult to put on!  I was slightly worried about that.  I was also slightly worried about whether it would fit him okay, since he is sometimes in between SM-M sizes (he’s a larger Chi, but evenly proportioned).  Believe me, I had my fingers crossed!  When it arrived, I opened it and panicked.  Oh, no!  This is not going to fit!  It looked so tiny!  I opened it fully and extended the strap to as far as it would go…*please fit!  oh, pleeeeeease fit!*


*Sigh of Relief*


I could fit two fingers underneath the neck, and under each strap.  Perfect!  And, I could put it on with NO HASSLE!  Perfecto!

So we went for a walk to try it out, and let me tell you, the immediate difference you can feel from a harness vs. a standard collar/leash set is incredible.  You DO have so much  more control, and you can feel it.  You don’t feel them pulling you, there is no straining, that is no “hacking” sound, and you’re both more relaxed.  You have more control, yet he feels as if he has more freedom.  We are immediately in love with our new harness.

*Relaxin & chillaxin in the yard!*

Posh Puppy Boutique has a LOT of harnesses to choose from, but we picked the Cozy Sherpa Harness because of the extra padding for comfort.  I wanted to avoid any irritation underneath his front legs and around his neck, plus it will provide some extra warmth when it starts to get a little colder here.  The harness allows us to walk comfortably, confidently, and a little less anxious (well, for me anyway).  The straps are durable, as is the D-ring for the leash attachment on the back, and can be trusted.  He can sleep in the harness without being uncomfortable, and with the extra sherpa padding, we can avoid any skin irritations.  The only thing I’d change is to add a little padding to the backstrap, but despite that, it’s basically the perfect harness for us, and we couldn’t be more happy with it!

Check out this video below of Bubbs getting used to his new harness!    Don’t be alarmed, he does this anytime he’s wet after a bath, or if you put ANYTHING on him other than his collar.  No Chi’s were harmed in this video!

(My fiance, Lowell, filmed it from his iPhone so I apologize for the poor quality, but you’ll get the idea!)

Yes, we’re pretty biased, but we think he’s the cutest Chi ever.

Posh Puppy Boutique Cozy Sherpa Harness REVIEW:  (out of 5 stars)

  • COMFORT = (4.5 out of 5)
  • DURABILITY = (5 out of 5)
  • HASSLE = (4.5 out of 5)
  • FIT = (5 out of 5)
  • STYLE = (4 out of 5)


  • / (4 out of 5)

So now that you know all about our new Cozy Sherpa Harness, and what we think about it, don’t you want one too!?!  Well, since they are just awesome, has so kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway to purchase one for your pup, or any other item that strikes your fancy from their great site!  One lucky winner will be randomly chosen to receive a $25 Gift Certificate to, and we couldn’t be more excited for all of our readers!

To Buy It:

Cozy Sherpa Harness

To Win It:

  • Leave a comment on this post on why your dog needs a harness!

For additional entries: (must come back to this post and comment each time to receive your additional entries!)

  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to the item you’d purchase with your $25 GC to if you’re the lucky winner! (1 entry)
  • ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and leave the comment on our Wall, “We want (insert item link from from Posh Puppy Boutique!” (1 entry)
  • Follow us on Twitter, and Tweet this giveaway with, “Enter $25 GC #giveaway to, from @Alldogblog! (1 entry)  *You can tweet once a day, but be sure to come back each day and leave a comment on this post!

Contest Rules:

  • Open to U.S. Residents 18 years of age and older only.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly using (Be sure to leave individual comments for each entry, comments compiling multiple entries will not be valid and deleted.).
  • Contest ends September 30th, 2010 at 11pm Eastern Time.
  • Contest rules are subject to change without notice.

We can’t wait to see what little gems you guys find over at Posh Puppy!

Also, we’d like to give a HUGE shout out to everyone over at Posh Puppy Boutique for allowing us to review such a great item from their site, and also sponsoring a giveaway!  We couldn’t have had a better experience working with all of you, and I hope to stay in touch in the future!  Hope you enjoyed the review too!

*Disclosure:  My opinions are my honest and thoughtful reviews and were not influenced by any source, and may differ from others.  I received one Cozy Sherpa Harness product to facilitate the review, and was not monetarily compensated in any way.


Have you ever tried Pet Greens® Treats from Bell Rock Growers??  Now’s your chance!

These soft little snippets of chicken or beef are made with wheat grass, in other words, Powered by Green Nutrition® (.pdf).  Wheat grass is a wonderful addition to your pets diet, whether it’s a dog, kitty, or even a reptile.  It helps with digestive health, packed with vitamins and minerals, and contains NO wheat-gluten.

We knew Bubbs liked them a lot, but we just didn’t know HOW much until we found these…

“Can I have some?”


“Thanks mom!”

“One more?”

…on our camera this afternoon, and our computer open to the Bell Rock Growers website.  Upon closer inspection, it appears Bubbs had taken it upon himself today, to submit his story to win a year’s supply of Pet Greens® Treats, and $1,000 to his charity of choice!  He even captioned the photos himself!  What a stinker he is!  And we have to admit, he really did get a handle on how to work the camera by the fourth photo!  Not bad Bubby Boo, not bad.

Bubbs loves this little treats, especially when he’s suffering from a ‘rumbly tummy’.  He will not take ANY other treat offered, EXCEPT for these when his belly is bothering him.  They seem to help soothe his stomach enough to relax and rest until it passes.  I always keep a bag on hand for such occasions.  We try really hard not to offer table scraps, but seriously…how could anyone resist that face?!  It’s TOUGH, believe me.  Whoever wins this contest is one lucky pup!

If you think you can compete with Bubbs and the other pets who love these treats, go HERE for your chance to win 2 bags a month for the next year, and a $1,000 donation in your name to your non-profit pet charity!

Because Bubbs and I LOVE Pet Greens® so much, we’d also like to offer 5 lucky readers a chance to try these yummy & healthy treats with their very own bag!  That’s right folks, FIVE of you will be randomly chosen to receive your very own bag of Pet Greens® Treats, in either Roasted Chicken or Beef!  (We’ll choose the flavor, thus making it a surprise!)

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post stating why you’d like to give them a try or why you like Pet Greens® Treats! (1 entry)

For additional entries: (must be posted in an individual comment for each entry)

  • Leave a comment on this post stating why treats, Powered by Green Nutrition® is good for your dog. (1 entry)
  • ‘Like’ our Facebook Fan Page HERE. (1 entry)
  • Post a link to this post on your Facebook wall.  “We entered to win a bag of Pet Greens from @All Dog Blog!” (1 entry)
  • Follow us on Twitter. (1 entry)
  • Tweet this giveaway with, “Enter the #giveaway to win 1 of 5 bags of Pet Greens Treats from @Alldogblog!” (1 entry)

Contest Rules:

  • Open to U.S. Residents only.
  • Winners will be chosen at random using (be sure to leave individual comments for your additional entries.  Entries done in ONE comment will not be counted as multiple entries and deleted).
  • Contest ends August 1o, 2010 at 12pm Eastern Time, at which no further entries will be accepted.

That’s six ways to enter for your chance to win a bag of Pet Greens® Treats!

Good Luck!

Disclosure:  My opinions are my honest and thoughtful reviews and were not influenced by any source.  I was not monetarily compensated for this giveaway.  We are sponsoring it ourselves and did not receive these packages from Bell Rock Growers.


Do you have a Drinkwell® pet fountain?  Or thought about getting one?

If so, go HERE to take advantage of their July Promotions when you order by phone.  Some of the offers available:  Receive a FREE Drinkwell® filter when you purchase 2, and Purchase a Big-Dog fountain and receive a Big-Dog canister.  There are great sales on some of their other products too!  We think this is some great savings for these great fountains!

If you’ve never heard or seen these fountains before, here is what these little things do.  Drinkwell fountains supply fresh, filtered water that is continuously aerated with oxygen as it flows, and entices your dog (or cat) to drink a more healthy amount of water.

A healthier amount of water = A healthier, happier pet!

We don’t have a Drinkwell®, but we do have a Petmate® fountain we purchased recently from Petsmart.  Bubbs LOVES it, and is great for him to have fresh water flowing at all times.  He’s had some issues with UTIs and Bladder infections in the past year, and why I didn’t think to purchase one sooner, I have no idea!  We’ve had the fountain for a couple weeks now, and I must say, we LOVE the results and the idea that Bubbs is getting a fresh drink every time.  Bubbs barks, “No more stale water for me!”

Here’s a cute photo of him after a nice long drink from his Petmate® fountain:

We suggest surprising your dog (or cat) with one of these fountains.  They’ll love you for it.

Head over to and order a Petmate®, or head over to the Drinkwell® promotions page HERE, and call to snag a great deal on one of theirs.  We highly recommend it.

Thanks, Drinkwell® & Petmate® fountains!