Check out this handsome gentleman, Mr. Brady!

Brady is looking for a wonderful new home where he can get tons of hugs, kisses, and become part of the family!

If you think Brady might be a wonderful fit in your home, go visit his Adopt-a-Pet page HERE!

Good Luck, Brady!  We have high-hopes you’ll find a great home!



Check out this cutie!

Meet Jesse, a very photogenic Retriever-Mix that is in desperate need of a permanent home!

This handsome boy is currently in a foster home, and sounds like a really great dog that would make an excellent addition to YOUR home, your family, and your pets.  To see more adorable photos of this guy, go HERE to see if you’d like to adopt him!

Thanks, Adopt-A-Pet!

Look at this sweet boy!

Turbo has the BEST description and we just can’t figure out why this handsome dog hasn’t found a forever home yet!  We just need to get this guy adopted ASAP!

Hi there!  My name is Turbo and I’m really a great guy, don’t let my tough appearance fool you.  I live with three female dogs and get along great with them.  I also live with three cats and three little kids.  The two year old little girl I live with likes to serve me tea with her tea set.  Don’t tell her, but there’s never any tea in there.  I play along though, I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

I am about six years old and weigh about 70 pounds. I am housetrained, crate trained (although I don’t really need to be crated), microchipped and up to date on all my shots.  My foster dads call me a giant puggle, but really they think I’m a boxer mix.  Maybe mixed with mastiff?  Whatever I am I’m a sweetheart.

I had originally showed up at animal care and control in 2009 as a stray.  ARPO pulled me out of there into a great foster home.  I was adopted by a nice family with a little girl, but their house burned down and I ended up back with ARPO.  Not that I don’t love my foster home, but I really want a home of my own.  A permanent one.

Don’t let my age fool you, I’m still young at heart and love to play with my canine foster sisters.  My foster dads say that I have one ‘issue’.  I don’t always like other big male dogs.  I don’t really think that’s MY issue, I think it’s theirs.  I mean, they should just keep those other dogs away from me and there won’t be a problem.  Right?

If you think you might be the right family for me, please contact the people at ARPO and they’ll set up a time for you to meet me.  Have a great day!

This guy has been through a lot and really deserves a great forever home to live comfortably, loved, and to just be the great dog he is!

You can view more photos of Turbo, and have access to his contact info on his page HERE!

Lets find this guy a home!

Meet Trixie!

Trixie is approx. a year old, 11 pounds and looking for a home. This dog has a darling personality and beauty to match! Found as a stray, Trixie gave birth to a litter of 4 schnauzer mix pups and was a great mother. Now all her pups have been adopted and now it’s her turn for a forever home! Trixie is potty trained, fun,playful, yet likes to curl up in a tiny ball in his foster mom’s lap. She is an all around good little dog! She has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

If you’re interested in adopting  Little Miss Personality, you can visit her page HERE for more information, and even view a video of her spending some time with some young children, courtesy of IAMS®!

We’re so in love with this little dog!

Let’s find Trixie a home!

Meet adorable adoptable, Mister the Papillon!

Mister is a very friendly and loving guy. He has spent his whole life in a mill as commercial breeder. He has adapted very fast to life in a home and loves to be with people. He is crate trained. He will be neutered before he goes to his new home. Adoption fee is $300.

To learn more about Mister cutie-patootie, view more photos, and see his contact info, visit his page HERE!

We think he’d make a perfect addition to your family this holiday!

And we LOVE his name so much, we’d keep it!

Meet Cassanova!

My foster mom really knew what she was doing naming me Casanova.  Talk about hitting the nail right square on the head!  I’m a real ladies’ man.

If you think Cassanova (a pure-bred Wire Fox Terrier) would be a great addition to the family, and you’d like to find out more information about this little cutie you can visit his Petfinder page for contact information HERE!

So handsome and cute!

We recently did a post about the ongoing IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® campaign, and we thought we’d do a little update to see how things are going!  With only a little over a month left to go in the campaign, we thought we’d share some tips on adoption, feature an adoptable that could become your newest family member this holiday season, how many pets have been lucky to be able to participate in IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays®, and how many more need homes to reach goal.

Since our last post and since the campaign started on October 1st, almost 500,000 pets have been adopted and found their forever homes!  CONGRATS!  That’s a HUGE jump from where we last were, but we still have a long way to go in one month to reach the 1.5 million goal!  Starting today, every day we’ll feature a few adorable adoptables in the hopes that they’ll find their way home!  So far, over 2.5 million bowls of food have been donated by IAMS through Facebook & you guys purchasing the specially-marked bags of IAMS® in-stores!  THANKS, GUYS!

If you’re considering taking part in the campaign, here a few quick tips we think you should consider before jumping in to adopting a pet, courtesy of Mike Arms, founder of  IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® & CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center.

  • If your heart is set on adopting a kitten or puppy, be sure to check your local animal shelter! Did you know that dogs and cats of all ages are available for adoption at local shelters?
  • Many responsible animal organizations have processes and services in place designed to help make the best adoption matches possible, from assessing an animals’ health and temperament to offering special resources such as adoption counseling, follow-up assistance, pet parenting and dog-training classes, medical services or behavior counseling.
  • Oftentimes, the cost for adopting a pet can be significantly less than paying the higher costs associated with buying an animal from a pet store or backyard breeder. And the cost of your adopted pet often includes vaccinations, de-worming, spaying or neutering.

If you found these tips helpful, might we suggest a book that may be helpful to you that’s full of tips and advice, The Adopted Dog Bible by!

The Adopted Dog Bible by!

The first adoptable we featured on the blog was Jake, and we’d LOVE you to meet another little guy!


This little guy looks like he walked off a movie set. He is adorable. He and his brother and sister were rescued from a shelter and are now in foster care. He is about 12 weeks old and has had his first shots. He will make someone a wonderful family pet.

We think this little guy is sooooo stinkin’ adorable, don’t you?!  His little terrier face and big expressive ears are just the cutest!  We can’t wait to get our house done & built this Spring, installing a big fence around our own backyard, and inviting another little cutie like Trooper into our lives to love, cuddle, and another chance at life they might not of otherwise had.  You bet will be sharing the process with you here on the blog, and keep you updated on when it’s time and we’re ready!

If you are considering adopting and participating in the IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® Campaign, we’d LOVE to hear your story and share your photos of your newest addition!  You can also share your story with IAMS on their Facebook Page HERE.  If you can’t or are not ready to bring another pet into your home just yet, you can also show you’re support by clicking “Like” to donate food to shelters in need.

Stay tuned for more updates and adoptables!

The IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® Campaign is back and we couldn’t be more excited!

IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® is a pet rescue campaign that focuses on pet adoption and dedicated to finding homes for homeless pets during the holiday season.  Last year was a huge success with over 1.3 million pets adopted, and this year they’ve decided to up the goal to get 1.5 million pets into their forever homes by January 4, 2011, and donate 5 million bowls of food to shelters in need.  Over 3500 animal organizations have jumped on board this year in 21 countries around the world!  It’s time you and your family jump on too!

So far, since the campaign started on October 1, over 165,000 pets have been adopted and almost 300,000 of bowls of food have been donated!  Good job to all of you who’ve participated so far, and we congratulate all of you on your new addition to the family!  To those of you who’ve possibly considered adopting a new pet into the family, we’re encouraging you take that next step in the process.  Visit a participating shelter (you can locate one in your area HERE), and see if your new pet is there waiting for you to take them home.

If you’re for sure not ready to bring home a new pet, you can still participate in this campaign by purchasing specially marked bags of IAMS® brand dog food at your local pet store that carries the brand.  When you purchase these bags IAMS® will also donate a bowl of food to a local shelter.  While we feel this is GREAT, we think you can do better and simply donate the entire bag you’ve purchased to your participating shelter!  Instead of feeding ONE dog, lets feed 10!  I know you can do it!

Since Bubbs & I aren’t ready to bring home a little brother or sister yet (hopefully soon though!), we’ll definitely be participating in the IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® campaign ourselves by purchasing a few specially-marked bags of IAMS® and donating them to a shelter in our area!  If you don’t see your shelter on the participation list, maybe they don’t know about it!  Send them an email and tell them all about the campaign!  Why wouldn’t they jump on board??

Another way we’ll be participating here on the blog is to showcase and feature some really great pets (dogs & cats) who are in need of homes over at up until the end of the campaign on January 4th.  Keep an eye out for a new partnership we’ve developed with a great website that allows us to keep you up to date with some great pets who also need homes and some great adoption advice here on the blog!!

To get our Adoptables Category started on the blog….

Meet Jake!

Isn’t he just an adorable little guy!

“This funny boy, along with his little brother Elwood, was released by his owner to a local shelter. He is a 2-3 year old terrier mix and weighs approximately 20 pounds. He has the typical terrier energy and is a fairly active guy. He gets along well with other dogs and doesn’t seem to care too much about cats. He is a very good boy in his crate as long as he is walked on a regular basis. He loves to run and play and be chased by his little brother. Jake and Elwood do love one another and want very much to stay together. They need to be in a home with a fenced in yard. If there are children in the home, they need to be age 10 and above. Jake is neutered and currently heartworm negative. He has also been vaccinated against DHPP & Kennel Cough, he has also been dewormed. He will need to be taken to your veterinarian to acquire his rabies vaccine, heartworm prevention, flea control, and microchip.”  –

Stay tuned for more updates and more adoptables!