coverI’ve been wanting to start a new blog series featuring our Sponsors for quite some time now, but as most things go these days it kept getting pushed back on the back burner for more important things.  I’m trying to get better at this blogging thing, and staying on top of how busy things are and keeping up with the flood of emails coming in everyday is keeping me on my toes!

Despite all the stress and exhaustion from late nights that come with blogging, getting to meet some new people along the way is definitely one of  the highlights and perks.  So today I decided it’s time to pick up on some of the slack on sharing some of our favorite people with you!  Today I’d like to share  and highlight is one of our newest sponsors, John, from John Aiden Photography!

Hi, John!


When did you first get into photography?

 I first got into photography when I was in high school. I was going into my sophomore year and I had no idea what classes I wanted to take. I saw photography on the sign up sheet and wondered what the class would be like. The only photography experience I had prior to that was playing Pokemon Snap, old school game, on Nintendo 64 and using my cell phone. I was a little geeky, but photography sparked my interest. So I started up a class in high school and continued with photography until I graduated.

What inspired you to focus your work on pets?

During high school I focused on pets and wildlife for my assignments. Most students were taking pictures of their friends and families, but I didn’t have many friends or a close family. I was very shy and reserved, but not anymore. I didn’t have the best household growing up in so my pets became my best friends, which is why I always photographed them. I grew up in a smaller town in Michigan. I loved the outdoors. There was so much nature and life, that world intrigued me. Wildlife naturally became my second focus when it came to photography. I loved all the different bugs and wildlife. Seeing how beautiful they were up close. They had such amazing colors and features. I loved showing a different side to the wildlife that most people overlook. Also, I loved searching for my subjects and not being able to set them up or pose them. They are constantly moving and you can’t tell them to stay or move a certain way. It makes photography more interesting and challenging, which is what I love. I love going out into the nature and having no idea what creatures will show up for me to photograph.Sammy

What were your plans after high school?

After high school I moved to New York. I worked with Fashion Designer Malan Breton. I learned so much about fashion, but also got to incorporate my photography into the fashion world. We used some of my wildlife prints and turned them into patterns. Malan then used the patterns and made them into clothes for his New York Fashion Week collection. It was an amazing experience and so much fun. 

That does sound amazing!  Working with a Fashion Designer! WOW!  What are you currently working on?

 I am currently working on making a beautiful photography book of dogs for dog lovers. It’s going to be called I Wuv Photography. It is going to be about the beauty of photography and the beauty of dogs. This project is currently up on I am trying to raise funds for the book for some equipment for this project and to help publish the book once it’s completed.

orange dressWhat do you wish to accomplish with your book?

I plan on making this a beautiful book that every dog lover is going to want. I want it to be an amazing affordable book sold in the biggest book stores everywhere.

What are your plans and aspirations for the future?

 I have many future goals and aspirations with my photography career. I plan on publishing many photography books. Books about dogs, cats, wildlife, and fashion. I would like to break down some of the dogs, cats, and wildlife categories and do very particular books such as breeds of the animals and species of the wildlife. I also want to travel the world to capture the beautiful scenery and landscapes. I wouldn’t only capture the scenery and landscapes all over the world, I would photograph the nature and wildlife. There are so many unique sights to see, I will never stop traveling. I’ll always be sharing my experiences with the world.

Thanks so much John for showing your amazing work with us, and having the courage to also share your story!  I hope we see great things from you!  And Good Luck with everything that you do!

You can help support John and his book by donating to his Kickstarter Project, and follow him on Twitter at @JohnAidenJA or at @I_Wuv_Dogs to keep up on his latest ventures!


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