photoIf you’ve followed us for awhile, you’d know that I recently (well not so recently) had a baby boy.  Well, that boy has grown up enough to want to take care of his dog already, just as I hoped he would.

He loves his Bubbs oh so much, Bubbs on the other hand is definitely making him work for his affection, but he’s allowing it.

We’re working on their relationship, and although Bubbs might not be gung-ho about this new human in his life, and LJ might not get the overwhelming surge of love that a puppy gives upon greeting, but they’re brothers and they know it. :)


2 Thoughts on “My Boys

  1. Beverly Depasquale on May 21, 2013 at 11:49 am said:

    Erin! How cute is this? Keep us informed. Did you see my new little man from the dog pound? Chummy Chewawa Best little guy. See you soon

  2. Hi Beverly! Thanks for visiting! And NO! I haven’t seen your new little guy!

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