If you are (or were) an avid All Dog Blog follower, I’m sure you’ve noticed that our posts have been kind of sketchy and far-and-between, and we’re so, so sorry about that.  :(  Well, here’s why…

I’ve been trying to keep up as best I can on emails, but unfortunately have gotten so far behind and we’ve missed out on so much good doggie stuff lately and that makes us sad!  But alas, now that we’ve gotten into a pretty good routine around here (for now :D), I’ve been working on the inbox and getting things down to a manageable level finally.  Things are starting to get a little easier and you can definitely expect us back in full-force very soon!

Stay tuned for lots of deals, giveaways, and fun doggie stuff soon!  And you might get to see lots of new pics & videos of Bubbs and our new little dude around here.  ;)

One Thought on “Why Our Posts Have Been So Spread Out Lately…

  1. What a wonderful reason to fall behind on blogging. Enjoy them while they are little. They grow up fast.

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