Head over HERE to request a FREE SAMPLE of Pink Dog Bakery Gourmet Biscuits!

We requested ours and had no problems getting through, but apparently some people are getting an error.  Be sure to keep trying because the page is just overloaded with requests to get yours!

Thanks, Pink Dog Bakery and Super Coupon Lady for this freebie!

2 Thoughts on “FREE Sample Of Pink Dog Bakery Biscuits!

  1. tammy on May 25, 2013 at 12:35 am said:

    i requested 2 cupcakes for my dog , i never received them , is there a problem???? i would really like a response, im very interested in your products… thanks

  2. Hi Tammy,

    I don’t ship the cupcakes myself, I simply just find the information and share what I can with my readers. I came across their website and saw the free sample request, requested myself some too, and shared it here on my blog. I haven’t received mine either, and that was about 3 weeks ago I requested. It’s possible they are backlogged on requests and haven’t had a chance to get them out yet, or maybe you or I should contact them about when we should be expecting them? I sure hope I get mine, and so does Bubbs! :) If mine do arrive, I’ll comment here to let you know and you do the same! Thanks for visiting Tammy! Hope you come back again soon! -Erin

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