If you’re an avid All Dog Blog follower (props to you! :) ), you’re probably aware that we haven’t been spending as much time here as usual finding you good deals, sharing articles, product reviews, and all-a-round great dog stuff!  Yes, yes…we know you’re sad, we’re sad too!  But alas, the reign of silence is about to come to an end!  The future hubs and I have been building our first-ever dream home since October and she’s finally finished!  We close Friday, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.  Bubbs knows something is up with all the boxes lying around, and his toy getting packed up, and not much room to run and play (not there was much to begin with!), but has yet to see his new diggs and very own backyard to run and bark and do his business!  We couldn’t be more excited for him and his kitty brother, and for us too of course!  It’s been a lot of hard work to finally get here and it’s still pretty surreal that all of this is happening.  I’m mostly excited about finally having space for a desk and work space of my own to work instead of the couch in front of the tv!

Since we’re in the process of moving and our lives are being thrown to the boxes, we felt it was only appropriate to have a great guest post by TripsWithPets.com!  A Moving Guide For Pets!  There’s some really great tips!  Luckily we’re moving on 10 minutes away from where we are now so we’re just making sure Bubbs has his seat belt on!


TripsWithPets Launches Pets On-the-Move:
A Moving Guide for Pets

South Portland, Maine – May 4, 2011 – TripsWithPets knows how challenging moving to a new home and a new town can be, especially when the move involves a beloved family pet. In order to meet the needs of families facing this difficult transition, TripsWithPets is excited to announce the launch of Pets on-the-Move: A Moving Guide for Pets,www.tripswithpets.com/petmove. This free online moving guide is jam-packed with everything a family needs to know in order to successfullymove with their pet.

Pets On-the-Move offers the following helpful information and resources:

  • Pet Relocation Service: If the move is international or cross-country, or if flying or driving with your pet just isn’t an option, a pet relocation service may be a wise choice. This section provides information about securing a reputable company as well as helpful tips to narrow down which one to choose.
  • Airline Pet Policies: There are a lot of regulations regarding flying with pets. This section displays a list of airlines and directly links to that specific airline’s policies.
  • Search by Route: Due to a massive request for this service, users can simply enter the departure and destination cities and a list of all the pet friendly hotels (and other pet friendly properties) within a 3 or 5 mile radius of the route are returned. This is perfect for those families driving to their new homes and need to know where they can stop with their pets along the way.
  • Tips, tips, and more tips: There are a hundred and one things to remember when moving with a pet. The guide covers everything from what to prepare for before the move to advice on making sure furry family members are comfortable in their new surroundings.
  • Pet Moving Essentials: You name it…pet travel crates and kennels, pet seat belts, vehicle pet barriers, and pet car seats…Pets On-the-Move includes all the pet travel supplies you’ll need.

“Pets On-the-Move is our answer to all of the inquiries we receive on a regular basis from people moving with their pets. Over 89 million US and Canadian households have pets but there wasn’t a well-defined resource out there that we could send people to, so we made our own,” said Kim Salerno, President of TripsWithPets. “This guide is perfect not only for the families who are moving, but for real estate agentsmoving companieslocal chambers of commerce – any organization that’s involved in the moving process and wants to better serve their clients!”

TripsWithPets designed Pets On-the-Move:  A Moving Guide for Pets to be a one-stop shop for moving families to get all the information they need to make sure their furry friends are cared for, happy, and safe every step of the way to their new home.  To learn more visit,www.tripswithpets.com/petmove.

TRIPSwithPETS.com is the premier online guide for pet travel – offering resources to ensure that pets are welcome, happy, and safe when traveling. Visit www.tripswithpets.com, to find a directory of pet friendly accommodations across the U.S. and Canada, airline pet policies, pet travel tips, pet travel supplies, along with other valuable pet travel resources.

Have you ever had a major move with your pets?  Across country or states away?  We’d love to hear your stories and tips on moving with pets!  Send them in or comment below!

We can’t wait for you guys to see the new place!



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