We’ve had quite a few people come across our blog post from 2009 featuring Sentinel and Interceptor Rebate page recently, and just so everyone is aware, we DO NOT SELL Interceptor or Sentinel.  We are a blog that finds money-saving coupons, product rebates, features, reviews, and all other things dog-related.

**If you’ve recently purchased these products from your Veterinarian, that is what they have recommended for you and your pet, and if the package came with something stating about a rebate, you can visit this page HERE, where you can create a login, submit a rebate, keep track of your rebate, and learn more information about the products made by the company, Novartis.**

We are not associated with Novartis or these products, we simply find the information, post it on our site so it is easy for dog lovers, such as yourself, to locate and find!  We are a resource available to you, and we do the best we can to keep everything as up-to-date as we can, and if something is *Expired* simply send us a comment on the post and we’ll quickly update it.  We simply do not have the time and resources available to keep track of EVERY coupon and rebate expiration date.  I wish we did, but we simply just do not.  Let us know and we’ll certainly take care of it as soon as we can.

Hope this helps to clear some things up a bit…and if anyone has any questions, feel free to leave a comment on this post, send us an email to erin@alldogblog.com!  We’ll do our best to help you out and answer any questions you  may have or at least get you to the proper information you’re looking for!

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One Thought on “Sentinel & Interceptor Rebate Page

  1. Don Ernst on June 6, 2011 at 6:40 pm said:

    Need rebate form for heartworm 1 yr supply Antigen

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