Head over HERE to print out a Mail-In Rebate form to save $5 off your next 12-month supply of HeartGard Plus!

It’s so incredibly important for your dog to remain on heartworm prevention year-round to prevent those mosquitoes from infecting your dog with this deadly, if left untreated, and painful disease.

For more infomation on Heartworm disease and the importance of giving HW Prevention every month, you can visit our blog post, Canine Heartworm Prevention Should Be Taken Seriously, written by your’s truly.  We’re very passionate about protecting and preventing this disease, especially when it’s as easy as giving your dog a chewable treat just once a month.  We’ve seen how horrible this disease can be, what it can do, and how painful the treatment is, and how expensive.

If you’ve never heard of this disease, go read our post, and then we recommend scheduling an appointment with your dog’s veterinarian to take a quick test, most clinics can have the results within 10 minutes!  Your dog may have HW and you don’t even know it!  If you’re in the clear, pick up a 12 month supply of Heartgard, print out this rebate, fill it out, and mail it in!  It’s as easy as that!

You can also go HERE to download an app to your iPhone, alerting you when it’s time to give your dog their little chewable each month!  Awesome, right!?

Go get your dog tested today, and start protecting them TODAY!

Be smart and take advantage of this rebate!

Thanks, Merial!

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