Head over HERE to register for a FREE New Pet Exam courtesy from Banfield Pet Hospitals!

They’ll probably try and talk you into signing up for one of their Wellness Plans they offer.  Both of my furkids are on one of their plans and let me tell you they’re definitely worth it if you have a new puppy, kitten, or if your pet needs to have their teeth cleaned.  You’ll receive free office visits instead of being charged every time you need to have them checked out for something little, medications are discounted (not flea/tick or Heartworm meds though), and all yearly vaccines are included in the monthly fee.  Be warned, this is NOT insurance so you will not be reimbursed for anything like insurance does, but a great affordable option for some great vet care.

We love everyone at our office, both the veterinarians are GREAT, Bubbs & Link both do extremely well there, and every time I call, they know exactly who we are!  I feel comfortable leaving them there, and taking them there in case of an emergency if they’re open.  We’ve called twice with small emergencies (he had a hair in his eye and couldn’t keep his eye open once, and had a really bad UTI that came out of no where last month!) with Bubbs right before they were about to close, they got us in right away, and didn’t make us feel rushed at all!  Plus, I’m excited to be able to get his teeth professionally cleaned.  He just turned 6 and we thought it’s definitely a good idea to get yearly or bi-yearly dentals done.  I’ve seen what mouths look like when you wait too long and a lot of teeth need to be pulled.  It’s very painful!  ;(

I used to work as a Technician at a Banfield so I know a little bit about the plans and about the company and some of their procedures.  I currently do not work for them, and I’m not getting paid to write this post.  I’m just stating our opinion based on our experiences working there and taking Bubbs & Link to our Banfield location inside Petsmart down the road!

Thanks, Banfield!

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  1. Angela on May 15, 2011 at 7:31 am said:

    None of your coupon links work!!

    I was looking for the firstshield flea and tick coupon and it says go HERE but, you can’t go anywhere??!!??

    it seem almost none of your links work.

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