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Believe it or not, we just purchased some Bully Sticks for the first time, last week.  I don’t know what I was waiting for because Bubbs LOVES them!

We bought 7 inch sticks because they looked a little bit thinner and easier for him to chew and fit in his mouth, and he’ll spend a few hours working it down to about half in one night!  I took this picture last night, he had just had a bath, and spent an hour working on his already half-chewed Bully from yesterday, and he was just exhausted from trying to get out of the bath tub, chasing his kitty brother away from his yummy “Chewie”, and was about ready to call it a night.

Since I was in a picture taking mood, I snapped off a few of Linkin-Z enjoying his tasty self…

Not sure how long this FREE Bully Stick sample will last, but I’d hurry and get yours!  Samples like these don’t come around often, so act quickly!

Thanks, Best Bully Sticks!


One Thought on “FREE Bully Stick Sample From Best Bully Sticks! *EXPIRED*

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