Innova can now be purchased at Petsmart and Petco retail pet stores!

Go HERE to Petsmart and enter to be one of the lucky first 2,000 people each week to receive a coupon to try it FREE and try to win a year’s supply! ¬†Or go HERE to PETCO and enter to try and win!

We’re pretty excited that these big retail stores are starting to carry better brands of dog food!

One Thought on “Enter To Win Some Innova Pet Food!

  1. Pat Dollar on July 9, 2011 at 1:37 pm said:

    I fed Innova Dog food since 1994 to my show dogs. I also fed it as the food of choice in my boarding kennel. I was distressed to hear of the purchase of this good product by P & G since historically large corporations have cheapened
    the products in order to maximize profits. The first clue to a change in dog food is dogs with vomiting and/or diarrhea. My fears have been confirmed. Since late April/early May both the show dogs and the boarders have begun suffering from the above symptoms after being on Innova for 2 – 3 days. The proof to me was that the show dogs on different diet and dogs entering my kennel with food from home did not get sick.
    Dogs were fine after eating a bland diet of chicken and rice but the sickness resumed as soon as I went back to Innova.

    I contacted Natura and they asked for samples to test. In the meantime I put my dogs on the new Purina Pro Plan Select grain free food. All dogs were immediately better.
    There is no intestinal sickness in my facility and all of the show dogs are parasite free etc. We are talking about 15 – 20 Boxers and a 30 dog boarding facility – all dogs normal prior to eating Innova. That is a pretty good test sample.

    Natura sent me a letter this week informing me the food was all within specifications. That may be true but they obviously have changed this food from the specs of 1994 and pre purchase by P & G. I remain unconvinced as each dog that eats this food gets sick. After 16 years of using a product and over 40 years of conditioning top show dogs, I know when something is different.

    With great disappointment I no longer feed or recommend Innova.

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