NutraMax has some great coupons and mail-in rebates available for some of their veterinary products, Cosequin, Cosequin Soft Chews,  Dermaquin, Dasuquin, & Denamarin!  Go HERE to access them all on one page.


Printable Coupons:

Mail-In Rebates:


All of these products must be prescribed & redeemed by your veterinarian (except Cosequin & Cosequin Soft Chews which can be purchased at most pet retail stores over-the-counter), and I’d call ahead to make sure they will accept the coupons.

Thanks, NutraMax!



One Thought on “Cosequin, Dermaquin & Denamarin Coupons & Rebates From NutraMax Labs!

  1. Great product, helped my dog, he even got some weight!

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