It was brought to our attention today that IAMS® has a mail-in rebate available!

Go HERE to take advantage of this rebate while it’s still available because I doubt it will last very long!  You can get a FREE BAG!  We don’t feed Bubbs IAMS so we won’t be taking advantage of this one, but for those of you do, I’d hurry to print yours because IAMS coupons and offers don’t happen often!  This is the best one we’ve seen in two years of blogging here at All Dog Blog!

Go HERE to print out your rebate form for IAMS® Kitty food!

We also would like to thank Cheryl for giving us a BIG heads-up on this one!  Thanks, Cheryl!

And, Thanks IAMS®!

One Thought on “FREE IAMS Dog Food After Mail-In Rebate! Act Quickly!

  1. Susan Ramola on June 12, 2011 at 12:11 pm said:

    I’ve tried two days in a row to print Mail In Rebate form and can’t get it. Why won’t this form appear so I can print it. Also, the store where I bought the Iams dog food did not have it.
    I’m really disappointed that this form can’t be gotten in an easy way. We use this food for our dog all the time.
    Please respond.


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