*Abbie & Sadie*

This is my cousin’s little girl, Abbie, and one of their two dogs, Sadie the Weina.

Her mom blogs at Adventures of M-Squared, and ‘A Girl and Her Dog’ is one of my favorite posts. ┬áSo much so that I thought I’d share it with you!

Go HERE to check out ‘A Girl and Her Dog’ featuring my sweet little cousin Abbie (who’d love to meet someday!), and her best friend, Sadie the Weina dog!

Thanks, Monica for posting this and having such a great blog!

3 Thoughts on “A Girl And Her Dog, Featuring Abbie & Sadie From Adventures Of M-Squared!

  1. This is adorable.

  2. What a cute picture. You don’t get any cuter than a child and a pet. The innocence just shines through.

    Very nice! :o

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