Isn’t Boo the Pomaranian, sportin’ a ‘Lion Cut’, just adorable!

If you haven’t met this little guy yet, Boo has tons of friends on Facebook (including us!), and shares the cutest photos and videos of his handsome self livin’ it up as life as a spoiled little pup! ¬†We love checkin’ up on his adventures, see what he’s up to, and we think you guys should too!

You can visit Boo’s Facebook Page and become friends too HERE!

SO cute!

2 Thoughts on “Meet & ‘Like’ Boo The Pom!

  1. heloe boo you now my grandma on face book and ithink you are so cuteso iwant to be friends write back. :)

  2. oh ya my grandmas name is sharie ilove you boo :):):):):):)

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