Head over HERE to get a printable coupon to save $5 off microchipping at your nearest Banfield Pet Hospital!

These are located inside Petsmart retail stores, and we highly recommend getting your pet microchipped to avoid any chances of your family pet ending up in a shelter, hit by a car, or roaming the streets.  We always think that we’re all great pet parents and that it would never happen to us, but things happen.  Doors and gates can be left open by accident, and your dog can just make the decision to make a run for it.  It happens, I’ve seen it happen, and I’ve been on the other end of pets ending up in shelters, scanned for a microchip, luckily have their parents called and make it home safely, or scanned without finding a chip & unfortunately spend more time in the shelter hoping to find a new home than they need to, some not being so lucky.

If you do decide to take advantage of this coupon we want to make sure that you know to get the microchip registered.  Using a registration program like 24PetWatch (click on Microchip ID tab).  24PetWatch is a FREE, one-of-a-kind service stores your most current information edited by you anytime you need to and attaches it to your dog’s microchip number, allowing your pet to make it back home to you safe and sound in the event you get separated.  With 24/7 monitoring, veterinarians and shelters will have access to your information, and contact you anytime of day or night, and you can register any kind of chip even if it’s not a 24PetWatch chip (Avid, HomeAgain, etc.).

I know that the United States does not have any one universal program that is used nationwide for microchips and there is a lot of controversy concerning whether microchips are even worth getting.  And we say, OF COURSE THEY ARE!”  We can’t wait for the day that happens!

Coupon expires Feb. 11, 2010!

Thanks, Banfield & 24PetWatch!

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