Winter is HERE!  And that means lots of snow and ice!

Living here in the Midwest, the past week or two we’ve been getting hit hard with lots of snow, cold-fronts, and lots of ice underfoot.  In fact, my mother-in-law slipped on a patch of black ice a couple weeks ago, ended up in the emergency room with her leg broken in TWO PLACES, and required surgery.  It’s certainly not fun when someone gets seriously injured and hurt, especially when it can easily be prevented by simple placing down some Safe Paw™!

Safe Paw™ Ice melt is a salt that is safe for our dogs to walk on while taking care of their business outdoors.  I’ve seen Bubbs do it, and I’m sure you’ve seen your pup do it too…lick their paws after coming indoors to get them nice and clean & ice free!  I’ve even had to help Bubbity get some ice out from in-between his toes before!  Although we love living where we can experience all 4 Seasons, it’s times like these when we really wish we had a winter home some place warm and cozy, like Florida or Cali!

Get 20% off Paw Safe™ Ice Melt over at CherryBrook using PROMO CODE: HAPPYHOLIDAY until December 17th, 2010!

(We think THESE would look pretty cute sticking out of THESE over at CherryBrook too!)

Stay safe this Winter, and your pets too!

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  1. Great deal…thanks for sharing….

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