Look at the amazingly delicious-looking cookies Ma Snax has baked up!

Ma Snax Superior Treats has a great selection of holiday cookies, treats, and even an edible Gingerbread Doghouse that everyone in the entire family can eat!  Bring any of these to your family’s Christmas party this year, and not only will you have all of the dogs following you around all night, but you and your Ma Snax treats will be the talk of the event!  “Where on earth did you find THOSE cookies!  They’re incredible!”

Another great item they’re featuring over on their website…

…their personalized Holiday Gingerbread Doghouse!

Our fresh-baked aromatic Holiday Gingerbread Doghouse is custom-made and personalized edible art! A great display piece, and a super gift for Christmas or any of the Winter holidays. The houses are baked using organic unbleached flour, fresh sweet butter, brown sugar, molasses, farm-fresh cage free organic eggs, lots of ginger and fragrant spices. Decorated with wheat-free peanut butter dog biscuits, candy, pretzels and nuts. It’s truly a treat the whole family can dig into. Approximately 5″x6″x9″ high. 5 pounds. Remember to tell us what name[s] you’d like us to customize your house with. Fill in the “comment” box at checkout. No artificial sweeteners or trans-fats are used in Ma Snax products. [one house per order, serving suggestion shown] Treat yourself or another dog-lover in your life to the ultimate edible gift.

We recently did a review of Ma Snax treats and you can read what Bubbs thought of these treats HERE!  And if you’d like to purchase some of these yummy-looking holiday dog cookies, head over to the Ma Snax website HERE and check ’em out!  You won’t be disappointed!

You can also go HERE for Ma Snax coupons!

Thanks, Ma Snax Superior Treats!

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