“Dingo Mini Beefy Bones”

Check out this great mail-in rebate offer from Dingo®!

Go HERE to get a printable rebate form to snag a bag (or two) of their new Jerky Chewz Chicken Chips for FREE!  We were one of the lucky ones who got to try these for FREE before they became available to the public, and you can actually read our review of these delicious chews on the Dingo website HERE!  We’re the top reviewer titled, “Bubbity Boo Approved!”  They’ve even used our review in several emails sent out featuring the Jerky Chewz!

We had a $10 discount code for an online order that was about to expire tomorrow, so what do you think WE got?!  Two yummy bags of Jerky Chewz Chicken Chips for the price of shipping!  We can’t WAIT for them to get here!

Here are a few photos of the Bubbster trying Dingo® Jerky Chewz Chicken Chips for the first time!  (I apologize for the horrible photos, but when you’ve got a little dog jumping all over the place, trying to jump and take treat from your extended hand, it’s hard to keep the camera still and to keep from laughing at his crazy antics!)

Oh, Mommy, what is THIS?!

Oh, can I have it PLEEEEEEZ!

I’ll do EVERY trick in the book for that, but first you must give it to me!!

I’m gettin a little mad now…

*just got done turning in circles while standing on my hind legs!*

“I’ll give you ONE MORE GOOD BEG and that is IT, MOM!”


“Oh meaty Dingo® Jerky Chewz Chicken Chips, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!”

Yep, that’s how these little pieces of jerky turn a little chi, who turns his nose up at all most everything, into a begging, crazy-eyed, I’ll do ANYTHING for that chi.  We love it!

These chews are great for little dogs under 20lbs, and now you can try them for FREE!

Be sure to print out your rebate HERE before 12/20/10 and postmark it within 30 days of your purchase!  The rebate is only valid on the UPC codes shown so be sure that you’re picking up the correct item at the store!  The form also does not say how many times you can do this per address, but if you read carefully it says that if you abuse the offer you may be subjected to prosecution.  Keep it clean guys!

Thanks, Dingo®!  YOU ROCK!

3 Thoughts on “FREE Dingo Jerky Chewz Chicken Chips! (Mail-In Rebate!)

  1. What a fun photo shoot idea! You seriously captured his desperation…and I bet he got a great little pre snack workout with all those antics!

  2. Ha! Love the pictures! Gus gets made too after we take too long to hand over the treat!

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