Meet your official Pet Head® dog shampoo winners by Tigi®!

#10 – Marci who said, “I’d love to win because my dog is laying down at my feet and phew, he smells doggy. I would love to try this product out!” on August 28th at 1:36pm!


#25 – Candi who said, “Coco Puffs is my fuzzy nut! She goes outside to do her thing but ends up in the dirt. She is white, fluffy and puffy and her fur gets into tangles, knots and very very muddy. She chases the bugs in the bushes so I think that is why she keeps harming her fur. She gets at least 3 baths a week because of this and I’d love for her to try some REAL pet stuff… not just baby shampoo!” on September 4th at 12:53pm!

I’ll be sending you two emails shortly and you’ll have 48hrs to respond before a new winner is chosen!

Congrats, Marci & Candi!  You have some lucky dogs!

I’d like to thank EVERYONE who entered our Pet Head contest!  We had the biggest turn out/response yet!  If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry because we have TONS of other stuff to giveaway coming up, so stay tuned!

Thanks for playing!

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