‘Bella-Vizsla at the beach!’

It’s been awhile since we’ve highlighted a great dog blog, and we certainly don’t do it enough!

Well, we have another great dog blogger who is one beautiful doggie, and loves to share her adventures with us all the way from Australia!  Beatrice Bella Fauve, or just Bella for short, of Bella Vizsla: An Urban Dog Blog, shows off all her friends who come to visit and play, pictures of herself being silly, and that she is the TRUE Dogblogga on the site, not just some human!  We’ve been following and reading Miss Bella for some time now (since she contacted us about her blog and loved the Vizsla content featuring, Jasper-Roo awhile back), and we always look forward to her posts, and can’t wait to read more about her and see photos of her adventurous side!

Miss Bella Vizsla is one beautiful Vizsla, and talented dog blogger, keep up the good work, Bella, and we’ll be checking in for updates often!  You’ll be able to keep tabs on this gorgeous dog by finding the link to her blog on our sidebar under, ‘Best Dog Bloggers’!

Check out some updates on our favorite dog bloggers out there:

  • Kinglsey of Rockstar Diaries just found out he’s going to be a Big Brother!  Congrats, Naomi, Josh & Kingsley!  Read the latest blog entry featuring ALL Kingsley in, Best Candid Photos Of Kingsley, via the iPhone!  Also, if you pick up the lastest issue of Modern Dog Magazine (Fall 2010), turn to page 27 and you may just recognize a certain adorable Bulldog!  :)
  • Jasper of Adventures of Jumping Jasper-Roo has had the most beautiful photo shoot of him and his family, has recently been featured in Tails, Inc.The Bark magazines, and is taking it day by day living with cancer.  Stay strong, Jasper!

Stay Tuned for more Best Dog Bloggers!

*If you’re a blogger who blogs about your dog, or have a dog that loves to blog, feel free to contact us with your blog address and we’ll certainly follow and read all about you!  You may even make it as one of our ‘Best Dog Bloggers’, and be featured on the blog!  Show off your talented dog(s)!

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