Are you tired of us talking about how awesome Proportions dog food is?  Well, if you are then you obviously haven’t tried it for yourself yet!  No worries, you can still get a FREE sample to try!  (scroll down to see how)

If you’re a member of the Dogster community, we highly suggest you join the Proportions® Group!  We’re already a member of Dogster and of the Proportions® Group ourselves, but Proportions®, Bubbs & I think you should join too!  Everyone in the group is so friendly, and outgoing!  We know you’ll fit right in and don’t be a stranger!

Here’s a photo of Bubbs enjoying one of his Proportions® whole food meals we had the chance to try and review last week!

Until this Sunday, September 19, 2010, you can call 800-860-4956 and mention ALL DOG BLOG to receive 2 FREE Proportions® Whole Food Meals for YOUR DOG!

As you can see from the photo above, Bubbs loves him some Proportions®, and he is not the easiest one to please.  He won’t eat Cesar®, Beneful® Prepared Meals™, nor have we had any luck with most other wet food brands.  However, this food has blown away the competition on all levels.  It’s nutritious, healthy, made from real ingredients, contains NO BY-PRODUCTS, comes pre-packaged designed specifically for your dog, and most importantly…hits the spot on a dog’s taste buds!  What more could we ask for in a dog food?  Proportions is seriously making us think about that one.

Go HERE to sign-up for a Dogster account if you are not a member yet, and then go HERE to join the Proportions® Group and say “Hello!”  While you’re browsing around, go HERE to visit our page!  We’d sure like to meet ‘ya and be friends!

To read our personal review of Proportions® Whole Food Meals for Your Dog go HERE, and to see how it compares to Bubbs’ current food, go HERE!

Thanks, Dogster & Proportions®!


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