The Heartworm Showdown has begun!

Head over HERE and answer 10 questions about Heartworm Disease.  After you answer all the questions, you’ll have access to a printable coupon for a FREE Office Visit and Heartworm Test when you purchase a 6-month supply of Heartworm Preventative (WormShield™), courtesy of Banfield® Pet Hospitals!

Check out what we got…

What did you get?!

This is a REALLY great offer, and one we would certainly take advantage of if we weren’t current on our Heartworm Test already, and have 2 doses of Heartgard® left!  Heartworm is a serious, painful, life-threatening disease, and one that is so easily prevented.  It breaks our heart to see dogs and cats suffering from this disease when they didn’t have to be.  It’s so easy to give  your pup a yummy, chewable treat once a month!

For all you Optimum Wellness Plan members, if you bring in this coupon, you’ll receive $5 off your Wormshield purchase since you already receive FREE Office Visits and have your Heartworm Test covered under your plan!

Go HERE to play the Heartworm Showdown!

Thanks, Banfield®!

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