Go HERE (or click image above) to request your Buy 1, Get 1 FREE individually wrapped single-use canine Greenies® Dental chew!  This offer has been going on for awhile, but thought we’d post it again for all of you who may have missed it!

We’re still hoping, praying, and crossing our fingers & paws that they come out with the Buy1, Get1 FREE TUB coupons that were available last year around Christmas time!  That was the best deal EVER!  Bubbs & I still have about half of our second tub left!

He loves those little green toothbrushes!  We can’t even say the word “Green” in our house without a head-cock, and then whines and jumping at your feet!  If you don’t give him one he’ll sit by the kitchen and pout!  They must be pretty dog-a-licious for all the commotion they cause!

Plus, don’t forget you can request a $1 off coupon (while supplies last) if you share Greenies® with your friends HERE!  If you want to start a coupon train, email me!  :)

Thanks, Greenies®!

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