Head over HERE to request  your monthly Bil-Jac® dog food coupon!

You’ll have until October 6th to request, and coupons will be mailed out by October 20th!

PLUS!  You can now check to receive a coupon for their new treats they have available in PETCO stores!  Check the box asking if you’d like a coupon for America’s VetDogs Dog Treats!  I’m not sure what the value is going to be, so it will be a surprise!  And, it’s for a great cause!  Support the VetDogs and your pup gets to try a new treat!  AWESOME!

We’re requesting ours right now, and we can’t wait to try these new treats and support our VetDogs!

Thanks, Bil-Jac®!

2 Thoughts on “$3 Coupon For Bil-Jac Dog Food! Plus New Treat Coupon!

  1. i heard bil-jac is a good puppy food to start my puppies out on so i would like to try it out. it is priceeee.

  2. Dawn Hogan on May 27, 2013 at 10:00 pm said:

    I have been using bil-jac for my older dog for his sensitive stomache and he loves it and now I have gotten a german sheperd puppy and I started her out on it tried to switch her to another food but she hated the other food so I have gone back to bil-jac and she is happy. This is a great food! I wished it was a little more reasonable that is one reason why I was trying to find something a little cheaper.

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