Surf Dog, Ricochet & Guardian, Judy

Have any of you ever seen this video of Surf Dog, Ricochet?!

I can’t believe we’ve never seen or heard about this amazing, talented dog before!

I think you guys are holding out on me!

Oh, and you better grab a tissue…


Ricochet is one of the best surfing dogs in the San Diego area, and also the #1 fundraising dog with over $25,000 raised for charitable causes!  We’ll be keeping an eye on this beautiful dog, and be adding a link to Surfing Dog Ricochet’s website!

And I’d like to thank my fiancée, Lowell, for sending this to me!  :)

You’re awesome, Ricochet!  Keep up the amazing work at doing what you do best!

3 Thoughts on “Surf Dog Ricochet!

  1. Thank you for posting my video & links! So kind of you. It really helps raise awareness of my causes, so I really appreciate it! I have a page on Facebook that’s updated every day… please join me!

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