We came across a great project Purina® has started to get overweight pets back to their desired weight called Project: Pet Slim Down™!  In their effort to help stop pet obesity, Purina’s new project follows 8 overweight dogs on their journey back to health using Veterinary Diet® OM, or Overweight Management diet, and good ‘ole fashioned exercise for 90 days.

Pet obesity is a growing concern in this country.  According to a 2009 study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, “45% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese.”  That’s almost HALF of the dogs in this country!

Over at the Pet Slim Down™ website you can join the movement to keep track of your pet’s progress by using the tools to keep YOU motivated, to keep your dog motivated and on their way back to health.  They’ve also incorporated Facebook to easily share this journey with your family and friends!

I’ve seen a lot of overweight canines (and felines) in my day, and as a pet owner myself I know how easy it is go give into those pleading eyes, and the desire to share whatever it is WE are eating with them.  Oh, I know.  Once you start, it’s hard to stop.  It’s tough.  However, it’s important that we be good role models for them, they are our children after all, and we need and want them to be healthy, stay healthy, and live long and happy lives with us, don’t we?

I think all of us should jump on board this movement, even if you don’t feed Purina OM, to ensure your dog is as healthy as he can be!

If you decide it’s time to get crackin’ on your dog or cat’s weight problem, visit your vet for an assessment and a Body Condition System® score and grab your printable $20 coupon HERE for OM Overweight Management® or JM Joint Mobility® to get started right away!  Plus, they also have a great offer to keep you going with a Buy 3, get the 4th FREE!  Remember, these Veterinary Diets® are only being sold through your veterinarian,  you cannot go to the store and just pick up a bag of this stuff.  If your veterinarian does not sell Purina® Veterinary Diets®, let them know you’d like to offer it and join this Project!  I’m sure he/she will be on board and LOVE to go on this journey with you!

Visit the Project:  Pet Slim Down™ website today for more information on pet obesity, tips, tools, and how to get your dog (or cat) started on the journey back to health!  And don’t forget, you are NOT alone!

Thanks, Purina®!

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