ABC News had a segment on this morning about the recent Salmonella outbreak in pet foods, and had a great message for all of pet owners out there on how to keep ourselves safe too.

Watch below…

It’s funny I should come across this NOW, right after I filled up Bubbs’ bowl of food, and NOW I’m typing on my keyboard.  Anyone have any Lysol to share?  I’m thinking it’s time to switch over to Sojos or Proportions.  We have some Proportions on the way, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about that right now.



When will dog food companies get it straight, this is NOT what pet owners want for their pets anymore!  Times have changed, and pets are no longer PETS, they are FAMILY MEMBERS and no wonder we have an overweight pet population.  I feel safer offering him what’s on MY plate, then filling up his bowl with Lord knows what.  If it’s safe for me, it’s safe for him, right?

More on THIS later.

P.S.  For more information on how to read a dog food label, visit our post we’ve written HERE.  It’s a MUST READ.

One Thought on “If You Feed Dry Dog Food To Your Pup, Please Watch!

  1. I have been feeding my shih tzu Iams and Eukanuba dog food for the past ten years. My poor dog has recently within the past month been sick. He has stopped eating his food completely, he would go to eat it, smell it and walk away. Needless to say, my baby would eat anything else but his food. With a very very sad ending, my poor baby became so ill that he passed away last weekend. After spending over $3,000 to get care and see what is wrong, we lost him. I am fighting this to the end………

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