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When I’m not working here at All Dog Blog, I spend a lot of my time at my other job in retail.  The past couple of weeks I’ve noticed quite an influx of kids out and about with their parents, shopping for supplies, new clothes, and even new college students getting ready to venture away from home.  This week it’s pretty obvious that schools are back up and running, and college students are heading off to start their higher education careers as I’m seeing less and less of them.

One thing we tend to forget as pet owners, as we’re frantically trying to get things ready for the start of the new school year, or shipping off our first or last born away to college, is our pets.  There have been studies shown that pets can experience stress, anxiety, and even become depressed when a family member they are used to seeing every day, suddenly leaves, or even to be thrust back into being left home alone all day, when they’ve had three months of constant companions to play with!

Well, to help your dog (or cat) adjust to their new schedule, we have some great tips we can use to help them back onto our regular schedule, thanks to Paul Mann.

Back To School Tips For Pets By Paul Mann

Summer is ending and that means one thing: Back to School. For most people right now, images of school supplies, homework and a new fall wardrobe are dancing in parent’s heads. But there’s one thing people often forget about: the family pet.

It’s not abnormal for dogs and cats to get depressed when kids leave the house to head back to school – or go off to college.

Paul Mann, the Founder of Fetch! Pet Care (a national dog walking and pet sitting company) can talk with you about steps to take right now to help avoid the Back-to-School funk for pets.

    • Lots of exercise is a key. If you can exercise pets in the morning before you head to work, they’ll be so tired that there will be less time to think about the empty house they’re sitting in.
    • Don’t make a big deal about your leaving. If you smother the dog or cat in kisses, they’ll be able to tell that something’s up and will get anxious while you’re away.
    • Consider hiring a professional pet sitter for a mid-day dog walk or cat visit to break up the day. Even a half-hour walk or visit will give your pet the one-on-one personal attention they deserve, not to mention tire them out.
    • Give your pet an old T-Shirt while you’re gone so that he can cuddle up with it and have a familiar smell.
    • Get into a routine where you let the kids walk the dog after they get home from school – and before they start on homework. That way, the dog will look forward to the kids getting home from school.
    • If one of the kids usually feeds and plays with the cats, try switching up the routine so that the cat gets used to other people in the house. Also consider having the cat sleep with a different family member so they’re less attached to the kids.

    Thanks, Paul Mann for some great tips on how we can keep the health and well-being of our pets on track when things change in our lives!

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