If you’re a Petsmart® Petperks® member, and just acquired a new puppy or kitty, or have a pet who hasn’t been to the vet in awhile, go HERE to download your coupon for a FREE exam or $35 off the signup fee for an Optimum Wellness Plan® at Banfield the Pet Hospital®!

I’ve worked at a Banfield in the past, and their Wellness Plans are perfect for first-time pet owners, those on a tight budget, and pet owners who want to provide the best care possible, yet be able to pay for that care on a monthly pay schedule.  The plan is not insurance, but an easy way to get everything your dog or cat needs when they need it, and pay for it in installments every month for a year.  It’s yearly preventative care at a great affordable price.  There is no interest, no hidden fees, and if you want to pay the whole thing off, go right ahead.

In fact, we just signed Bubbs’ kitty brother, Link, up on a Basic Plus plan to get him up-to-date on all his vaccines, get declawed, and have his teeth cleaned.  The price we would have paid elsewhere for all these services would have been through the roof, and to be able to have the option to pay for it over the course of 12 months makes it entirely do-able.  We wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise.  It’s a relief to say the least.  He gets what he needs, and we feel great we can provide it for him.

When I was employed by Banfield we saw a LOT of first time pet owners, and a lot of those pet owners were college students and/or recent college grads.  The first time I decided it was time to add to a dog to the mix was when I was in college, and I can tell you I barely scraped by…by myself!  But when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.  And Bubbs came along and it was love at first sight, as each new fur-addition is, and you’ll do anything and everything you can to make sure they have, and get everything they need (even if that means Ramen noodles for you), and having a Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan® makes that possible.

Do any of you have pets on Wellness Plans?  What are your thoughts?  We’d love to hear and get a conversation started!  If you don’t, go HERE to find your closest Banfield, and for more information about their Wellness Plans!

UPDATE: PLUS, don’t forget you can go HERE for a printable $5 off coupon for a 6 month supply of WormShield® Heartworm prevention!  Expires Sept. 30, 2010.

Thanks, Petsmart® & Banfield the Pet Hospital®!

Disclosure:  My opinions are my honest and thoughtful reviews and were not influenced by any source.  I was not monetarily compensated, nor sponsored by Petsmart or Banfield to write this review.

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