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If you live in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Portland, Chicago, Austin, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Lake Tahoe, or any other major city, head over to Fido Factor, create an account to add YOUR favorite dog-friendly places and businesses in your town, download their FREE iPhone App, leash-up your pups, and get to exploring the spots other dog owners think you should check out!

We love these little apps that allow us to find public places our canine companions can tag along.  Things are just so much more exciting and fun when they’re around, am I right?!  We checked out our city, Indianapolis, and there isn’t much listed yet, so we’ve decided we better get on it!  The reason we like Fido Factor so much, and more so than any other search, is because of their mission to donate a small portion of each new location listed or reviewed to the San Francisco SPCA.  It’s FREE for us to use, yet they donate each time we use it!  That’s awesome!

Go HERE to get started with your pup explorations, and download the Fido Factor App for FREE!

This little App not only allows you to search dog-friendly locations in your city, but any city you may be visiting with your pup, thus making it perfect for travel.  You can also upload photos of your dog visiting some of your locations, write reviews, and rate each one using the 5 ‘bone’ system.  Five bones?!?  We better check this place out!

Having this app could lead to new relationships with other wonderful dog owners, and some new doggy friends for your pup!  Go have some fun with this one!  Got any cool dog-friendly places in your town?  Add them and share!  What is your favorite dog spot?

Thanks, Fido Factor for offering us your services for FREE and donating to your SPCA!

5 Thoughts on “FREE Fido Factor App!

  1. I just downloaded this yesterday!
    They don’t have much for Raleigh but hopefully they’ll keep developing it.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! We’ve been working hard on Fido Factor since last year. In fact the site just turned 1! We get about 50 – 100 new listings from our users every week as well as lots of reviews. It only takes a couple people in your city to get things started. We’ve got big plans for our second year including an update to the app, more features on the website, and our UK launch. If you don’t have an iPhone you can also use

    Check out on Twitter and Facebook and say hello.

  3. Of course! Your website is amazing and we’ll be adding some stuff to our city! Keep us updated on any happenings over there!

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  5. I love, love, love this! We are in Charlotte and we will be submitting plenty of listings. Thank you for a practical and fun app!

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