Do you have a Drinkwell® pet fountain?  Or thought about getting one?

If so, go HERE to take advantage of their July Promotions when you order by phone.  Some of the offers available:  Receive a FREE Drinkwell® filter when you purchase 2, and Purchase a Big-Dog fountain and receive a Big-Dog canister.  There are great sales on some of their other products too!  We think this is some great savings for these great fountains!

If you’ve never heard or seen these fountains before, here is what these little things do.  Drinkwell fountains supply fresh, filtered water that is continuously aerated with oxygen as it flows, and entices your dog (or cat) to drink a more healthy amount of water.

A healthier amount of water = A healthier, happier pet!

We don’t have a Drinkwell®, but we do have a Petmate® fountain we purchased recently from Petsmart.  Bubbs LOVES it, and is great for him to have fresh water flowing at all times.  He’s had some issues with UTIs and Bladder infections in the past year, and why I didn’t think to purchase one sooner, I have no idea!  We’ve had the fountain for a couple weeks now, and I must say, we LOVE the results and the idea that Bubbs is getting a fresh drink every time.  Bubbs barks, “No more stale water for me!”

Here’s a cute photo of him after a nice long drink from his Petmate® fountain:

We suggest surprising your dog (or cat) with one of these fountains.  They’ll love you for it.

Head over to and order a Petmate®, or head over to the Drinkwell® promotions page HERE, and call to snag a great deal on one of theirs.  We highly recommend it.

Thanks, Drinkwell® & Petmate® fountains!

One Thought on “Drinkwell Fountain Promotions & Bubbs With His Petmate!

  1. We bought a Drinkwell fountain a few months ago because the cats kept drinking from the sink. They took to it right away I absolutely love it saves me water and time.

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