We always enjoy receiving emails from fellow dog bloggers, especially those who are a great fit to be featured, and ones we think you should meet.  When the dad of Jasper contacted us about the new blog he and his wife started, The Adventures of Jumping Jasper-Roo The Vizsla Dog, we’ve been hooked on this handsome boy and his progress fighting cancer.

Jasper is the star of his very own blog that chronicles the ups and downs as he fights cancer, and the daily struggles his parents deal with everyday while living with a pet with cancer.  Each new entry we read conjures up emotions ranging from smiles, tears, and even finding a new found love for our Bubbs, as we thank God everyday he has lived 5 young years thus far, free of any health issues.

We know that a lot of dog moms and dads have lived though such trials, some ending well, while others, not.  However, if you find yourself experiencing the roller-coaster ride of cancer, whether it’s a significant other, or a pet, being able to celebrate the time you’ve shared with them shows a love and devotion you’ll never forget.  We hope none of you have to experience the hardship of cancer, but if you do we hope you find the strength to take it in stride.  Just as Jasper’s parents are.

The Adventures of Jumping Jasper-Roo will pull at the heart strings, and draw you in with each post.  We can only hope that we’ll be able to read many, many, many Jasper Adventures to come.

Be sure to visit Jasper and his parents often, on his blog HERE.

And don’t miss a post and LIKE Jasper’s Facebook Page HERE.


P.S.  We’ll also be linking to Jasper’s blog under, Best Dog Bloggers.

P.P.S.  Also, we highly recommend reading Humphrey Was Here, by Mark Asher.

You can read a FREE excerpt of the book, HERE (.pdf).


4 Thoughts on “Meet Jumping Jasper-Roo, The Vizsla Dog

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  2. Sharon on July 19, 2010 at 8:02 pm said:

    So sorry to hear about Jasper. I know our dogs are part of the family. We loss our dog Murphy who was a Vizsla. Murphy was 9 years old and died of a twisted stomach. I did not know anything about twisted stomach until after he passed away. We now have another Vizsla named Schooner, Schooner is 9 month old. Vizslas are wonderful loving dogs. Give Jasper a great big hug from and myself and tell him we will be praying for him.

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  4. Sorry about Jasper…

    My Aunt recently (yesterday) lost her 4 year vizsla to cancer.
    I miss him so much and I hope that Jasper has a safe recovery.

    We didn’t know that the dog had had cancer until the vet found a lump, he was infected everywhere , before surgery he was happy and wonderful as always but he didn’t come out alive…

    I hope that Jasper will live for many years to come, dogs are hard to forget….

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