Go HERE to request a FREE Sample of Dispoz-A-Scoop safety scoopers!

These handy little scoopers are 100% Eco-Friendly, Made In the U.S.A., and allows you to clean-up those daily pet messes without having to get your hand involved!  That’s right!  No hand in a bag!

“…most plastic bags are porous, -they contain micro-holes that are larger than a bacteria & when you pick-up waste, the bacteria can be forced through the little holes… contaminating your hand! This is called “bacterial pass-through” and, being a doctor, he fully understood the dangers of E Coli.”

They come with a sturdy cardboard, “pop out pusher” for easier pick-up, a built-in wire frame that makes the scooper “self sealing” for maximum odor control and reduce contamination of trash bins, and eco-friendly bags that decompose easily.

Here is a short video of the little scooper in action…

Tell us what you think, when you give one of these a try!

One Thought on “FREE Sample Of Dispoz-A-Scoop Safety Scoopers!

  1. It doesn’t look like Dispoz-a-scoop is still honoring this deal but there is a much cheaper alternative to them called Strofers. It’s the same idea but uses a recycled cardboard with no branding and the bag wraps completely around the metal.

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