Welcome to this Friday’s edition of Funny Furry Friday, featuring the premiere of:  A Dog & His Deer.

It makes me want to leap for joy!

The deer, named Theen, was cared for by mlcarriker’s family after he was discovered alone and malnourished. The family bottle-fed Theen until he began to eat on his own, and although he’s now free to wander and mingle with his wild brethren, he “frequently comes back to the house to eat some [cat food] and play with our dog, Buddy,” mlcarriker explains. “He doesn’t care much for deer corn.” [via L.A. Unleashed]

How ADORABLE is that?!  *warm sigh**tears*

Hope you enjoyed this weeks’ edition of…*cheezy exit music* FUNNY, FURRY, FRIDAY!

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