We’ve so luckily been notified, by The PetCot™ Company, about their new product the Comfort Breeze™!

Just in time for summer, of course!

The new Comfort Breeze™ pet bed is elevated, durable, and very easy to maintain.  If you’ve never used these types of beds before, they are designed to keep your pet’s body temperature regulated.  With some air circulation underneath, rather than lying directly on the concrete or floor, your dog (or cat!) will have an easier time staying cool during the warmer months!  Of course, you’ll also want to make sure these beds are kept in the shade if used outdoors and have fresh, cool water available at all times to ensure maxium hot weather safety!  However, THIS new design hosts basically a built-in air conditioner!

Warm weather, strenuous activity or home heating systems can leave a pet exhausted and overheated. Normally pets seek the cooling effects of laying on hard tile or concrete surfaces which can stress bones and muscles. The Comfort Breeze™ PetCot™ gives your pet a place to rest and relax that is therapeutic, comfortable and hygienic.  Four, quiet-running fans under the Comfort Breeze™ emit 136 cfm’s of air into a sealed sleeve under the bed.  Constant air circulation within the custom-designed sleeve provides constant air flow to promote cooling over the vascular chest area of the dog to cool the blood and core temperature. The 12 volt fans make this product an energy efficient bed to provide reliable, affordable comfort for your pet.   The woven, vinyl-coated polyester fabric is durable and breathable, further enhancing your dog’s cool comfort.  The fabric is safely and easily cleaned without laundering and pet hair is easily removed with a vacuum.  The PetCot Company’s exclusive Comfort Fleece can be used for an added touch of comfort without interfering with cooling benefits.

Because of its rugged construction, the Comfort Breeze™ by Pet Cot™ is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use (in a dry location).  Rust-resistant metal construction and heat-sealed corner-to-corner fabric make it a quality product. Due to its fabric and design, the PetCot™ is not a breeding ground for odor, bacteria and pests found in other cloth beds.

The Comfort Breeze™ comes in three different sizes to accommodate the size of your specific pet, and is highly recommended by veterinarians, kennels and trainers, and also other pet owners!

See the video below to check it out for yourself!

Cool, huh?!  No pun intended.  ;)

All Dog Blog recommends the new Comfort Breeze™!

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