All of you need to go check out and follow Kingsley, the English Bulldog, and his mom  & dad over at Rockstar Diaries!

I’ve been following The Rockstar Diaries on my personal blog for awhile now.  Actually, we’ve been following since pre-Kingsley, and not only is the beautiful owner of this blog super talented creatively (visit her shop HERE for some amazing handmade headbands), but she’s also become obsessed with her dog, Kingley the English Bulldog, as all of us dog mom’s do, of course .  To be honest, we’ve become a little obsessed with Kingsley, and you probably will too. :)

This little dog, paired with his mom’s awesome photo captions and comical posts, brings a smile to my face every time.

See…how cute is this photo of him in his raincoat!

The post is titled, “we are those obnoxious dog owners that bought a rain coat for our dog”.

To meet Kingsley from the very beginning, read, “Meet Kingsley”.  (He’s gotten so big!)

Keep up the great work, Taza & husband, and keep bringing us awesome Kingsley updates!  We love reading about him and your adventures!

P.S.  We’ve added The Rockstar Diaries to our Blogroll (under Best Dog Bloggers), so you can easily follow and keep updated on this handsome, spoiled little boy!  I’m sure we’ll be posting about him often!  :)

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