It looks like I found this coupon just in time for the kick-off of flea & tick season!

Head over HERE (or HERE) to get your printable (.pdf) coupon for ‘Buy 6, Get 1 Free’ (a $15 value) doses of Frontline®!  This coupon is valid only at your Veterinarian’s office.

I know that Petsmart and Petco are now selling Flea & Tick medications that were once only available over-the-counter at your vet’s office, however, retail stores usually do not sell single doses of this stuff.  It’s the vet’s discretion to sell them this way, and most offices usually do.  So take this coupon to your vet’s office to make sure that they can honor it, or maybe call ahead.

This coupon expires 12/31/2010 so you can use it all year long for monthly flea & tick prevention!

Thanks, Frontline®!

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